March 27, 2023

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“I had the little boy in my arms,” ​​recounts one survivor who saved the victims

Ken Morey, who gave a poignant account of his experience of the tragedy on Monday evening after the tragedy at Amki, remembers helping the injured.

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“I heard the girl crying. I saw her stuck in her stroller on top of her grandmother. There was also a bent pole. We split the braid and there is a woman who took the girl in her arms,” said a resident of Amgi on the “Le Bilan” program.

“To my right, I saw the little boy wandering around, and all was lost. It was really confusing. Everyone was wondering what happened now. The boy came to me. I bowed before him, I spoke to him, I said to him: “Are you alright, my little boy don’t cry”. He doesn’t even have boots. […] I had a little boy in my arms”, further narrated Mr. More.

A chaotic scene followed the moment Steve Gagnon deliberately hit pedestrians on Saint-Benoît Boulevard, nearly 500 meters away.

The Amkuwi resident explains that he had perfect reflexes and when he heard a loud noise behind him, he turned around and only had time to jump and stop the van.

“I would have had headphones on and I wouldn’t be there to talk to you,” he remarked.

“What I saw was people flying back into the air. The little family that had been walking peacefully behind me was scattered like a game,” he recalled.

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When he woke up, Mr. Morrow remembers being surrounded by bodies.

“I approached two men near me. Then there was the first man who was covered in blood around his head. I didn’t touch this man, I saw it … I don’t really know what I saw,” he said, distraught.

“Another man appeared to be in pain and his face was on the ground. I took a glove I found on the ground and put it between his face and the asphalt,” he added.