Illegal dumping in Oka: Citizens ready to block road

Illegal dumping in Oka: Citizens ready to block road

Citizens of the Oga municipality in Laurentians are tired of seeing “trains of trucks” coming to deposit toxic materials near the Lac des Deux-Montagnes. For that.

“We have exhausted our means and resources. It has been at least four years since the Citizens’ Committee was formed. We held public meetings, we met with mayors, provincial and federal representatives,” said Julie Tremblay-Cloutier, a resident of Oga.

English-language media reported that there are dozens of illegal dumping sites around the Kanesatake municipality and tribal community. roverThis infuriates the residents.

M said that 200 to 300 trucks pass through the municipality every dayme Tremblay-Cloutier.

“I call it truck trains, it’s becoming a problem in terms of the security of the village,” he said in an interview with LCN on Wednesday.

Faced with Quebec and Ottawa’s inaction, the citizens decided to take drastic measures and control traffic through a protest that would be “peaceful but give the trucks a hard time of need.”

“Our motivation was that the Mohawk community was unable to express themselves in a safe environment. There, we see that it is a public safety problem,” the resident explained.

He added that the Oka mayor has had similar complaints for years.

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