February 25, 2024

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In pictures |  A mysterious helicopter squadron is turning heads in Montreal

In pictures | A mysterious helicopter squadron is turning heads in Montreal

Many Montrealers witnessed an unusual sight in the borough’s skies Thursday evening.

Four military helicopters flew low over the city, lined up in almost perfect formation, to the point that some witnesses even thought it was a large plane seen from a distance.

Many internet users have sent their pictures to TVANouvelles.ca where they can see these unidentified devices moving.

The flight will pass Montreal at low altitude around 9:30pm. They would have been seen in Sorrel-Tracy later that night.

Especially imposing and very loud, these devices will never go unnoticed.

Practices take place at regular intervals where Montrealers can observe them from time to time.

Certain training sessions or passages are sometimes announced in advance.

In this case, we asked the armed forces for more information.

It may be the 438th Tactical Helicopter Squadron based in Saint-Hubert, Quebec.

“Equipped with CH-146 Griffons, 438 Squadron’s missions include armed and unarmed tactical transport, training tactical helicopter crew members in basic and advanced flight techniques, technical training of ground crew and CH-146 flight engineers, and routine maintenance of the CH-146. Naval aircraft,” the squadron’s website says.

They can assist in search and rescue operations, conduct intelligence and support federal, provincial and local law enforcement agencies.

We have contacted the armed forces to know more and await their response.

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More details to follow.