Prevention of corona virus

Dominic Angled, leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) in Quebec, is asking the Legalt government to set up a vaccination passport to “oversee the activities of unvaccinated people in the event of a fourth wave”.

The purpose is not to redefine Quebec in one form or another, except to control the possibility of explosions., Ms. Angled wrote in a Facebook post (New window).

According to her, the beginning of the school year, the return to the office, the delta variance and the increase in cases Tell them to do the right things right now.

Let us take all means together so that the summer of freedom may not be the precursor to the defined autumn.

A quote:Dominic Anglet, President of PLQ

According to her, It is necessary to get both vaccines.

In early July, Quebec announced that the vaccine was a passport Set since September If health condition is guaranteed In a given function or territory.

Most recently, Minister Dube tweeted Young people are forced [agir] If you want to avoid using the vaccine passport. He then invited 18-29 year olds Get vaccinated.

Called to react, Quebec Solid (QS) has been reiterating its position since the beginning of July. The vaccine passport may be appropriate for certain circumstances, but it should not become an instrument of blackmail or discrimination, Then supported by Vincent Marisala, Member of Parliament for Rosemond. He points it out QS Asked to conduct a parliamentary committee About it in February.

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Last week, Canada’s top public health officials released the latest predictions about the course of the disease Entered the fourth wave.

More details will follow.

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