July 4, 2022

La Ronge Northerner

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Inflation: Unexpected additional costs for pet owners

Inflation, an increase of 5 to 10% for food, also affects many pet owners who face unexpected costs.

“I do not think there is any product that has not seen an increase,” said Isabelle Arguin, owner of Le Jardin des Animaux Pet Store in Sherbrook.

This box store is subject to constant and regular price changes from its suppliers. “A company can usually raise its price once a year or once every 18 months. There, we have four times the number of suppliers in the last 12 months, ”he lamented.

These price changes cause headaches for employees who have to constantly make various computer changes to the computer. “This is actually a very heavy workload,” the owner explained.

On behalf of the Animal Welfare Association in Estre, there are 200 more additions than last year.

During the epidemics, various shelters recorded an impressive number of adoptions. An event that appears to be the opposite today. SPA Estrie spokeswoman Alexane Bégin said, “Many have adopted an animal without being ready for education.”

“People do not take the time to study the price of an animal in a period of 15 years. It represents tens of thousands of dollars a year and a lifetime, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars, ”said Michael Pepin, spokesman for the Veterinary Association of Quebec.

Once back to normal life, many owners return to reality, leaving many pets to fend for themselves. The situation will get worse in the coming months.