Isaac Somalo will not return to the Eagles

Isaac Somalo will not return to the Eagles

Isaac Somalo leaves the Philadelphia Eagles to sign a three-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles Pittsburgh Steelersaccording to a report from NFL insider Jordan Schultz.

The Steelers notably hire former Eagles vice president of player personnel Andy Weddell as their assistant general manager.

Originally a third-round pick in 2016 NFL DraftSeumalo had a good career in Philly. It got off to a somewhat slow start. He was benched due to his struggles in early 2017. But he eventually regained the role and proved to be a very good starting guard with the versatility to play multiple positions. Siumalo scored 60 in the 81 regular season games played.

Considering how high-quality offensive linemen are in demand, it was a little strange that Seumalo lasted so long on the market. Pro Football Focus named him the 10th best point guard in the NFL last year. Teams may have been concerned about the 29-year-old missing a combined 21 games in the two seasons leading up to 2022.

The Eagles’ loss to Somalo hardly came as a surprise; The feeling was that he was going to get more offers than the team could realistically handle. It also became more expendable for Philly once Jason Kelsey announced he was returning to center.

On that note, Cam Jurgens – heir apparent at center – characters start from right guard moving forward. He lacks any kind of extensive playing experience in this position. But the Eagles claimed he cross-trained in the position in practice. And he played so well in the middle of last season that there is reason to be optimistic about his outlook. Still, there are some projections involved.

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