Random: YouTuber spends nearly $23k buying every 3D game and Wii U eShop

Random: YouTuber spends nearly $23k buying every 3D game and Wii U eShop
Photo: Nintendo Live

The 3DS and Wii U eShop will be shutting down at the end of this month and that means there’s only so much time left to buy all the digital games you can buy at Nintendo’s old storefronts. Youtubers, streamers, and video game media personality Gerard Khalil Taking this to the next level by literally buying it all The game available on these platforms.

The main driving force behind this idea was video game preservation – aiming to “save” every title for the 3DS and Wii U eShop before they are lost forever. The mission was a success but it came at a price, with the total number of purchases increasing $22,791. Here’s a little bit about why Khalil wants to do this so much:

“Lost media is a very real thing in terms of video game preservation, given that the industry is starting to run the risk of losing games forever, and that’s why…it’s definitely worth it for game preservation.”

Funds for this mission have been raised with the support of The Completionist’s sponsors. In the end, 866 WiiU And 1547 3DS games (including DSiWare, Virtual Console, and DLC) purchased with 464 eShop cards. the complete I dealt with libraries 1.2 TB on Wii U And 267 GB on the 3DS.

Of course, there was a lot Among the hurdles to overcome, from stores restricting the purchase of eShop cards to Nintendo allowing only a certain amount of funds per digital wallet. Certain games even had to be completed before DLC can be purchased, which made the whole process a nightmare at times.

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This business means that 3DS and Wii U fans can now rest easy knowing all those digital game saves have been saved when the Store services are closed. March 27th. Thanks, Gerrard! The video documenting the entire journey is worth a good look, and it even has a 3DS game recommendation from our Nintendo Life video producer Zion Grassl.

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