April 16, 2024

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James William Avatt: “This is a show”

James William Avatt’s private press conference caused many headaches for all crisis management communications professionals.

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“The word surreal is good because it violates all codes and, if instructed, does everything it should not do. You’d be surprised if he didn’t deliberately oppose what he was supposed to do,” explains On-Florence Broilerd, general manager of Broiler Communications.

Mr. Awadh makes the expert jump with selected steps, especially with the arrival of the entrepreneur coming down from the flags and stairs of the building.

“His message begins to accuse third parties, which in fact are not recommended in crisis communications. Then, before making excuses that come a little later and are too thin, he records an event for his company that makes even less sense,” Ms. Broiler said.

According to the expert, James William Avad is doing everything he can to focus on. Some of his colleagues compared the story about him to a reality show.

“We all fell out of our chairs. We’m all amazed at how much this also took. Of course, he gives a good” show “and we focus on him, so that feeds the wave,” said Pullard, communications director.

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