Truckers protest: Convoys enter federal capital | Corona virus

Demonstrators gathered at the place they called Independent convoy To oppose the mandatory vaccination of truckers crossing the Canada-US border.

From early morning, the concert of car horns began to be heard in the national capital. Nearby parking lots on Parliament Hill are lined with trucks and SUVs carrying Canadian flags and insignia.

A protester holds a sign reading ‘We support truckers’ in front of a crowd outside parliament in Ottawa

Photo: Canadian Press / Adrian Wilde

In it, there are many reports of insults to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Many protesters have anti-vaccine signs and other news is directed against the media.

Many of the vehicles blocking downtown streets have a crane on Wellington Street in front of Parliament Hill. A large Canadian flag hung on the craft pole.

Trucks arrive at Parliament Hill

The Ottawa Police Service (OPS) expects the arrival of a total of eight convoy with a few thousand vehicles and 5,000 protesters, but recalls that these numbers may vary.

The size of the crowd and the way it overflowed faced dangers Ottawa Police Service Police officers from Toronto, Durham, London and York, as well as Ontario State Police (OPP) officers will assist.

The Canada Unity Committee, which is among the convoy organizers, is expected to address the meeting on Saturday.

This group was created Memorandum of Understanding Appointed Senate and Governor-General Mary Simon demanded that the power of the elected government be usurped and that all vaccination orders and other public health restrictions be removed – unconstitutional.

Journalists from various outlets covering the protest said they had been verbally and physically intimidated by protesters on Friday. A reporter for The Canadian Press had to stop for an interview when he was surrounded by three men on the sidewalk in front of Parliament, who insulted him and shouted at him to leave the premises.

Disruptions and traffic

As of Saturday morning, no police in the region were reported to have overflowed in connection with the incident.

Less than a dozen vehicles were towed, according to OPS spokeswoman Amy Gagnon. These were parked in the emergency lane at Wellington or at the National War Memorial.

The spokesman stressed that the police presence would remain in place until the protesters left.

Chairman of Ottawa Police Service, Peter Sloley, on Friday, said he believes the biggest inconvenience caused by the protest is about traffic.

But Chief Sloli warned Individuals or individual wolves who engage in struggle for a variety of reasons.

Protesters rally in front of parliament in Ottawa.

Protesters have been raising their voices on Parliament Hill since Friday.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Ivano Demers

Sir-John-A.-MacDonald and REINE-ELIZABTh are closed to vehicles, warns the police residents that the traffic may be blocked in the capital of almost everywhere in the capital.

The goal of the protesters is to disrupt traffic and draw attention to their cause.

A quote Trish Ferguson, Executive Vice President Ottawa Police Service

Police advised demonstrators to go through the highway 417 Pinecrest road entrance, Kent’s exit and SIR-George-étienne-cartier browsing.

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The Ottawa Police Service Does not provide for the closure of major arteries, but will reduce the number of lanes available on some streets, mainly in the city.

On the Gatineau side, the Service de police de la Ville de Gatineau (SPVG) noted that the rue Laurier was closed to traffic between Boulevard Maisonneuve and rue Verdun.

Parked trucks.

Many convoys pile up in Ottawa, including truckers passing through Wankleek Mountain in eastern Ontario.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Frederick Pepin


The movement, which was originally organized to respond to the vaccine requirement imposed on cross-border truckers in Canada and the United States, now has a much wider demand.

Most of the protesters interviewed by Radio-Canada talk about freedom, fundamental rights and the right to choose. They also express their fatigue in the face of many health activities.

Vaccination or immunization is no longer important, An opponent in short. We deserve more than that.

Two people put up boards in front of the parliament in Ottawa.

Protesters against certain health measures, such as the mandatory vaccination of truckers, were in large numbers on Parliament Hill on Saturday morning.

Photo: Canadian Press / Adrian Wilde

I have come for my little man. Our children need rights and it is not fair for them to be forced into these vaccines. For truck drivers, we are here for their jobs. We need food on our shelves.

A quote A father from Oshawa

Pro choice! That’s why I’m here, Another protester said quietly adorned with half a dozen Canadian flags. Should not be forced. Take it if you want, take it if you don’t, He added about the vaccine against Govt-19.

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Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), announced his intention to address the protesters by attending an event at Parliament Hill on Saturday and Sunday.

With information from Marielle Guimond and The Canadian Press

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