Jamie Foxx waves to fans on a boat, the first sighting since his hospitalization

Jamie Foxx waves to fans on a boat, the first sighting since his hospitalization


Jamie Foxx

Waves to the masses on a boat…

Healthy appearance at first public viewing

Jamie FoxxThe road to recovery appears to be going well,” because the man is out and about in public now…with TMZ getting his first glimpse since his hospitalization.

Check out this footage we got, which shows a jubilant JF cruising along on a massive boat on the Chicago River on Sunday afternoon… looking vibrant and happy to see fans too. A neighboring ship passed him and gave him a big suit… Jimmy waved again.

It seemed that he was also accompanied by a few other people on board… At first glance, it seemed that there were some members of his family around. They have been at his side During this whole ordeal – and we know they also visited him while he was in ChiTown rehab.

The difference here…we finally get a clear view of Jamie in the flesh, which is encouraging. Honestly, there’s been a lot of speculation about his condition… and the longer he’s been away from the public eye, the more speculation he’s getting. People were worried.

Now, I hope all of these rumors are put to rest… because the guy looks like he’s on his way to full health again. There’s still no word on what exactly happened to him that sent him to the emergency room in the first place, but the point is — he looks set to come back.

Here’s another positive update TMZ can provide… We’ve seen more footage of Jimmy having a night on the town in the Chicago area on Saturday, getting active on his feet, no less, and looking to be in great spirits there too.

This clip is a further sign that the guy seems to be doing pretty well at this point… and that maybe he’s ready to start adventuring more and more with his return to 100%.

Good to see you, Mr. Fox. As with the rest of the world, no doubt.

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