Japanese internet reacts to closing Nintendo 3DS and Wii U stores

Japanese internet reacts to closing Nintendo 3DS and Wii U stores

Pictured is a Nintendo 3DS.

She had a good run.
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As you’ve probably heard, Nintendo is about to close Wii U and 3DS online stores. with Nintendo Switch Online in full force, the official line is that Nintendo has no plans to offer classic content in other ways. Yikes! The fear many feel online in Japan You have is it, though ninteEndo claims to the contrary, So Maybe not It is possible to download files Absolutely digital purchases.

“Even after late March 2023, for the foreseeable future, it will still be possible to redownload games and downloadable content, receive software updates and enjoy online gaming on the Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS family of systems,” Nintendo responded in official announcement.

Below is a cross section of comments from a popular Japanese game bloggingAnd LocationsAnd Billboards– As well as Smidgen from Twitter. People hear what they think of Nintendo’s decision.

“Nintendo disassembled.”

“Well, even though you buy the downloads, it’s just rent.”

“Okay, make it possible to use the Virtual Console on the Switch.”

“Inevitably, that day has come, right?”

“I am able to trust Sony more than Nintendo.”

“You won’t be able to play Nintendo eShop exclusives anymore…?”

“Ridiculous. It only makes me want to buy from Steam.”

“Does that mean they say, ‘Buy a key?'” “

“In the end, you won’t be able to play anymore? This is terrifying.”

“This thinks very little about your customers.”

“In the future, the key will also be cut.”

“They’re giving up on the people who bought the Wii U.”

“This is frivolous. That is the case.”

“This is rubbish.”

Sayonara, the Wii U.

“Stop it with that weird monthly subscription for Switch Online and bring back the virtual console.”

“Even when the PSP ends, we can play downloads on the Vita, but here all our digital purchases that don’t amount to anything are cruel.”

“This is happening very quickly.”

“If we can’t play previously purchased games, refund your money.”

“You can still buy digital games for the Vita. Plus, in the last year, new things have come out. The way Nintendo consoles are being thrown to the wolves is really horrific.”

“DLC is bullshit because even if you buy it, the ability to play it will wear off.”

“And that’s why I hate downloaded versions.”

“I’m still playing 3DS! Stop having sex with me!”

“Now I see the importance of buying the retail package version.”

“When the next console appears, the same thing will happen quickly to the switch, which is scary.”

“Switching likewise will be cut short. Remember this.”

“It has finally come. I wasn’t waiting for this one, though.”

“But all the toys I bought…”

“What a waste to end such a great service for game consoles.”

“Will there be a surprise price function for the bundle release of the games?”

“It would be good if they kept going forever. The endings feel so lonely.”

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