April 16, 2024

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Juniper was flooded again

Juniper was flooded again

History repeats itself at Le Genévrier campsite in Baie-Saint-Paul. The Riviere des Mares again ran through the establishment’s grounds.

With no response from the Quebec government, no help, and no work done on the riverbank, in the first wave, it was written in the sky that the river was going to do its thing again on the Lebe property.

“At 5am today, the mechanical shovel protection started to work,” explains Louis Labey. “We are protecting our facilities. Neither camp is in danger. The townspeople came to the scene. This is encouraging, but we need answers from the Quebec government,” he continues.

The Mares River is even higher

For casual observers, the Mares River exits at the E sector.

At the hydro-meteorological site of the city of Pie-Saint-Paul, we observe that the beginning of the river is approximately at the same level as in 1R May when $12 million in damage was done to the campground.

Preventive evacuations at Camping du Gaufre

Photo: Frédérick Tremblay

A precautionary evacuation has been carried out at the Gaufre camp site. Camper Frédérick Tremblay (MicroBrasserie Charlevoix) woke up in the middle of the night. “The river rose and approached our land. The campsite team was calm and very professional on this adventure. I think 5-6 of us are displaced. I don’t believe there was significant damage,” he said.

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