The man was arrested twice within 24 hours in Makok

In the mahogany of Estre, a long weekend, a man in his thirties was arrested twice within 24 hours for different crimes.

The 35-year-old man, who was released from the Memphis Police Station (RPM) pending charges of fraudulent repayment, was re-arrested a few minutes later, with automobile robbery, bruises, police chase, reckless driving and obstruction.

On July 4, three people tried to withdraw money for goods at the Rona Home Improvement Store in the Ru du Center in Magoc. The trader notices unusual transactions and immediately notifies RPM agents. Patrols then began arresting the three men in the afternoon.

The latter were taken into custody and their two vehicles were confiscated as crime-related property. Two individuals involved in the intervention appeared on Sunday for violating the terms, which prevented them from being together, especially for similar offenses.

Just minutes after he was released, on July 5, one in three people showed up at the Ultramar Service Station in the Principal Owest to seize a customer’s vehicle that had been left at the pumps. Petrol.

This material took advantage of the fact that there was a key in the unattended vehicle to escape under the eyes of four customers who immediately alerted the owner inside the convenience store. The suspect, who was on his plane, retreated into a parked truck.

Citizens intervened to stop the escapees, but the latter rushed to customers and rolled one of them over.

After two RPM patrols chased the fugitive, a police force chased him 85 miles (85 km) towards Montreal on Highway 10. The latter tried to flee from the police. As he left Promont, police officers from the Promont Police Department were waiting for him.

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Two police officers chased the fleeing man on Soxby Road before he lost control of the stolen vehicle. The suspect lowered a traffic light and ended his run in a ditch on nearby land.

Officers quickly arrested him and took him to the hospital to assess his condition.

Two lawsuits are pending for success and run and theft. He is also banned from driving.

The man will appear at the Boyce de Justice in Schrobrook on July 6 on a number of charges including automobile robbery, stabbing, police chase, reckless driving and driving under restraint, at will, by the DBCB.

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