August 16, 2022

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Justin Trudeau’s popularity is plummeting

According to a recent survey by Abacus Data, Justin Trudeau’s popularity is on the decline.

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51% of those polled have a negative impression of the prime minister, a gap that has widened over time compared to those who have a positive impression of him.

The poll, of course, has an impact on voting intentions: the federal Liberals are down two per cent from 2021.

Polls favor the Conservative Party of Canada even without a leader

Among 18- to 29-year-olds, voting intentions appear to be strengthening Canada’s Conservative Party.

“Many disillusioned with their party are turning to the Conservatives to see Mr. Trudeau abdicating all fiscal responsibility,” said Jean Charest’s campaign co-chair Tasha Cairidin. “It’s up to us to welcome them.”

According to the latest data released by the PCC, Pierre Poilivre was the biggest contributor in the second quarter.

“When we talk about a general election, I am not worried about Pierre Poilievre’s youth support,” explains Pierre Paul-Hus, MPC CPC Charlesbourg-Haute-Saint-Charles. “The power to attract these customers is really there, which will be important for the next campaign.”

Pierre Poilievre lost by 3 runse Official discussion

Elsewhere, Wednesday’s debate will be held with only three candidates, as Pierre Poilivre declined the invitation.

The candidate said that he had discussed enough and hoped that the result of the polls would be out soon.

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