The first heat wave of summer | Heat warnings for many parts of Quebec

(Montreal) Hot and humid winds are expected in southern Quebec on Sunday and will affect many parts of the country until Tuesday.

The Canadian Press

The maximum temperature can reach or exceed 30 degrees Celsius, but Environment Canada warns in a special weather report that one can feel up to 40 degrees Celsius due to the humidity factor.

The federal agency introduced a heat warning at 3:20 pm for several areas in Quebec, such as Autoyce, Estre and Montreal.

“Hot and humid air will affect southern Quebec until Tuesday. The maximum temperature will reach 30 degrees Celsius and the Humitex values ​​will reach 40. In addition, the nights will be near 20 degrees Celsius with lower temperatures. More comfortable temperatures are expected from Wednesday,” he wrote on his website.

Nights can be as hot as 20 degrees Celsius in many parts of C ,te d’Ivoire, Montreal, Monterrey, Laval and Laurentia, as well as in Mauritius.

The city of Montreal announced on Sunday that it was using the alert mode of its special intervention program for extreme heat.

Thus, all water sports in Montreal are open to allow residents to cool off.

Obviously, it is better to hydrate the water-filled zucchini, especially to return to school, especially when there is no access to a cold or refrigerated place.

We remind you that you should not leave a child alone in a car even for a few minutes in this extreme heat.

Heat warnings have been issued to everyone in New Brunswick. Even there, the maximum temperature on Tuesday varies from 38 to 43 with a humidity index of 34 degrees. Slightly cooler temperatures are forecast for Tuesday, with mercury reaching 29 to 32 degrees, with a humidity index of 34 to 37.

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