Labor Day | Trade union struggle for workers’ rights

Demonstrations by unions and workers against social inequality are taking place in La Fontaine Park on Monday afternoon.

Florence Morin-Martell

Florence Morin-Martell

Protesters rallied to raise slogans against Bill 59 and pass special laws violating workers’ right to strike.

Hundreds of people gathered at the Place Charles-de-Cole in Park La Fontaine and walked west on Sherbrook Street listening to music and the sound of tambourines.

The flags of several unions, such as CSN and APTS (Alliance of Professional and Technical Personnel in Health and Social Services), were waved at the meeting. “Protect the workers and give money to the profiteers,” one of the protesters chanted into the microphone. “Insecurity is not a job” and “Health and safety, it is up to the workers to decide”.

Bill 59, introduced by Quebec Minister of Labor and Employment Jean-Poulette, is a reform of occupational health and safety aimed at amending the laws of 1979 and 1985.

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