Maxim Bernier goes to a rally in Manitoba in defiance of isolation

All those entering the province, except those who have been fully vaccinated for these activities and some essential workers, should be isolated for 14 days.

On Monday, at a rally in Stenbach, Mr. Bernier went on, followed by events at Plum Coolie and Winnipeg.

These health orders are unconstitutional and immoral and I will always fight for my freedom and the freedom of all Canadians.

A quote:Maxim Bernier, President of the People’s Party of Canada

Maxim Bernier, who did not choose to be vaccinated against Govt-19, returned to Manitoba for the first time on Monday. He was arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police In June. He later took part in a rally against health regulations in Saint-Pierre-Jolies.

In June, Maxim Bernier was accused of participating in a rally in an outdoor public place when the public health law banned them and of not isolating himself when he arrived in Manitoba.

When asked why he did not isolate himself this time, he replied that he was Got a chance, but if I had to go back to jail for my freedom and the safety of all Canadians, I would.

Maxim Bernier and his party oppose the use of compulsory vaccinations and masks as an important part of their election campaign.

Maxim Bernier is scheduled to appear in Saint-Pierre-Jolis Court on September 21.

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