Leadership of the Conservative Party: Gerard Deltell supports Jean Saurest

Jean-Saurost was seriously considering entering the leadership race of the Conservative Party of Canada, and a big name in the party in Quebec supported him.

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“I look forward to seeing Jean Scharest become a candidate for the leadership race. [du PCC] I intend to support it, ”said Gerard Deltell.

Louis-Saint-Laurent, Conservative MP, believes the former prime minister of Quebec is the best person to defeat Justin Trudeau in the next election.

“I am convinced that Jean-Saurest is the one to mobilize the party and win Canada, and that is what our party and especially the country needs: an experienced leader,” he told VAT News.

“Our party, especially our country, needs his experience more than ever.”

Jean Scharest has not yet officially announced that he will be competing after Erin O’Dool, but several sources say he is actively preparing to jump on the field.

Last Tuesday, four MPs and a Tory senator issued a statement calling for him to be nominated.

“Canada needs you, Mr. Sharrest,” reads the document, which counts MPs Alain Race and Dominic Vian among the signatories.

Although Gerrard Deltell has known Jean Saurest since the 1980s, he does not always admire him.

In 2010, when he was president of the Action Democrats in Quebec, Mr. Deltel caused a furious outcry against the then Prime Minister of Quebec.

“Jean Saurest is the good grandfather of the Liberal Party,” he told an ADQ conference.

“If I did something wrong in my career, that’s all. I regret and apologize, ”he said today, highlighting the 2012 apology speech in the National Assembly.

“Mr. Anyone who has worked closely with Sarest will tell you that he is a mobilizer and a chef with exceptional qualities. Enemies and I are living proof of that, ”he added.

Since he was elected to Parliament in 2015, Gerard Deltell’s support has been sought in the Conservative Party’s leadership race.

If he had supported Erin O’Dowl in 2017, he would have been neutral in the 2020 race.

Only one candidate

For now, Pierre Poilievre is the only candidate officially announced in this contest. The member for Carleton already has a lot of support in the Caucasus.

Political columnist Tasha Gairid is seriously considering running for office.

The mayor of Brampton was also contacted by Patrick Brown, former leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.

The organizing committee of the race is expected to announce the rules soon and when will the Tories, the heirs of Erin O’Dool, who was forced to resign on February 2, be selected.

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