September 24, 2023

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Montreal: “Homelessness is not a crime”, says Manon Maas

Montreal: “Homelessness is not a crime”, says Manon Maas

In an interview with QUB radio, the co-spokesperson for Québec solidaire is clear: he understands the concerns of the village’s merchants, but he refuses to see those in need pay the price. According to Manon Mass, there are solutions to Montreal’s homeless problem, but it will take effort.

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“We have to act in concert,” he said into Marie Montpetit’s microphone.

  • Listen to an interview with Quebec Solider co-spokesperson Manon Mass on the Marie Montpetit show QUB-Radio :

Ms Massey believes one of the main problems is the lack of affordable housing. But that’s not all. Many of the street dwellers are drug addicts, and the drugs currently circulating on the black market are of very poor quality. It’s an explosive mix that, according to him, “burns people.”

The MNA for Saint-Marie-St-Jacques also explained the role of a co-spokesperson within the political party, a role she has performed brilliantly since 2017. For now, remember that there are three candidates running: Émilise Lessard-Therrien , Christine Labrie and Rupa Ghazal.

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