April 16, 2024

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Leadership of the PLQ: “Wait for the 2022 elections,” says Anglet

Speaking to reporters Saturday morning the day after a lengthy speech, Ms Anglet presented her vision for Quebec. Green hydrogen and energy efficiency, Bombed by questions about the political orientations of its creation.

If you expect Strong exchanges The real problems on this day will be solved by the enthusiasts. This One good thing, this is a healthy thing for our party, Said.

He believes that when we make changes within a political party, opposition is normal.

I think this is part of a party changing reality […] I welcome this in a very healthy and calm way.

A quote Dominique Anglet, leader of the Quebec Liberal Party

The leader recalled that his party was in the process of redefining itself and that this was the first time it had actually met its activists.

Asked about senior party leaders who could criticize her, Ms Angled said they all had their place.

Ms Angled, who spoke with confidence about her place in the hearts of activists, denied her image. Change leader From liberals critical of his leadership.

He has retaliated by saying wait for the 2022 election. I do not find it difficult, but inspiring.

The chef has been arrested more than once in the Mary Montpetit affair. Excluded from the Liberal group After harassment allegations.

Mark Montpetit, the father of the MP for the Maurice-Richard ride, attended a well-known and respected Liberal conference within the party and did not fail to express his displeasure.

Chief Anglet said she understood her reaction as a father, but Ms Montpet defended her decision to show the door. Considering the information she received, she argued Made the right decision.

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Returning to his speech the previous day, the Liberal leader stressed the fact that he was making a significant change in his party. Renewing the idea of ​​major projects for Quebec […] In order to create collective wealth.

Green hydrogen and energy efficiency will be one of its key projects if it comes to power in 2022. This is a community project, She insisted.

Referring to the environment, he fired some arrows at Coliseum D’Avenir Quebec (CAQ) and Quebec Solitaire (QS). The PLQ The only party credible on these issues is Ms CAQ Like his real enemy in the next election.

The Liberal Party is the energy of Quebec, He said, believed the green hydrogen sector was possible Titanic Worldwide, $ 15 trillion.

This will nationalize the production and distribution of green hydrogen. A major project that will require $ 100 billion in private and public investment by 2050.