The Liberal Party has lost its magic wand

The Liberals gathered at the conference this weekend are courageous and confident. When it’s hard to go to a party, some opportunists turn away.

There is an area of ​​weakness, and we always want to be strong and popular. It also has an element of strength. Strong, honest and dedicated people will agree to make bold choices. They are there for the right reasons and may be the basis for the reconstruction.

In the history of Quebec, the Liberal Party has at times been the direction of progress. The Peaceful Revolution, Boy-James, the creation of economic tools, this party subscribing to power, laid many stones in the foundation of Quebec.

Charst period

For economic reasons, the Liberal Party became a major “no-camp” after the 1995 referendum, without being a real political party. Let us recall the circumstances. NO wins the referendum by a landslide, and then sees the famous Lucian Bouchard Quebec coming on display.

Panicked, federal leaders hire Jean-Zarro in Ottawa. He came to the PLQ to save Canada. The training was a success: under Jean Zarstein the PLQ became a rich and powerful combat machine. He won several elections using referendum intimidation. Because voters did not want to vote, they voted liberally.

As a result, during these years, the preparation of a solid plan was neglected. The party presents itself as a bulwark for voters in the referendum on sovereignty. The elements of the program are secondary, like the marketing bells around the central theme.

Today the Liberal Party has lost its magic wand. Being on the NO side is no longer applicable when there is no referendum in the background. Since PQ is fighting for its survival, it makes no sense to present itself as a bulwark of sovereignty.

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The Liberal Party must go back 25 years before the Charst era. It should once again become an ambitious program and a mobilizing party around the motivating team. The PLQ needs to re-learn how to be a normal political party in the event of an accident.

Full left side?

In recent months, we have seen the mistakes made by a party that is looking for itself. It now appears that the Liberal Party wants to compete with Québec solidaire for the title of the most left-wing or Green Party. Strange.

Opposing all economic projects in the name of the environment is the bread and butter of Quebec solid. If the Liberal Party finds itself in the same forums or in the same demonstrations, its traditional activists will be silenced. They will not recognize their party.

The balance between the economy and the environment. The balance between economic and social development. The balance between bronchophones and the assertion of the rights of minorities. It is in this quest for balance that PLQ is successful and effective in Quebec.

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