February 22, 2024

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Legault is betting on Churchill Falls to decarbonize Quebec

Legault is betting on Churchill Falls to decarbonize Quebec

Although the deal does not expire until 2041, it is not too soon to agree on a new deal, the prime minister pleads.

This has to be renegotiated nowHe began Wednesday morning during an interview with Patrice Roy, during which Mr. Legault was particularly committed to the development of the Quebec energy sector.

According to the Prime Minister, the carbon neutrality objective for 2050, the revision of the agreement concluded between Quebec and Saint-Jean is very urgent.

Mr. Legault made no secret of his interest in the Gull Island dam project down the Churchill River. However, the Prime Minister warns that Andrew Fury will not turn up empty-handed at the meeting he and he have agreed to hold. Hydro-Québec, he recalls Four or five projects in Quebec.

I don’t want to negotiate with Newfoundland: “I absolutely need your electricity”. I like to have a plan B in my pocket, “If this doesn’t work, Churchill Falls and Gull Island, we, [on va faire notre propre] Dam.” »

A quote François Legault, Premier of Quebec

The Churchill Falls deal is for massive amounts of energy. The plant supplies Hydro-Québec with nearly 15% of its needs, or 31 terawatt hours (TWh) per year.

Prime Minister Legault doesn’t want a state-owned company to depend on a hydroelectric plant that isn’t even on its territory. Hence the need for a “Plan B”.

I have to keep it in my pocket and that’s part of the discussion with Sophie Brochu, he said of the resigned president of Hydro-Québec. This is the last one He announced his departure two weeks ago; It is not yet known who will replace him.

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Meanwhile, it has not been ruled out that a parliamentary committee will be called to explain the reasons for its withdrawal. He confirmed on Wednesday that the Prime Minister would not oppose it if necessary.

News of the Legault-Furey meeting on Churchill Falls This week we learned that the band Uashat mak Mani-utenam was launched. A case Hydro-Quebec and the CFLcoThe company operating the plant in question.

The government filed a petition in the Supreme Court last Friday. He is seeking $2.2 billion from Hydro-Québec to destroy His territory.

Legault’s top priority is education

François Legault sat down with Patrice Roy for 25 minutes on Wednesday after visiting L’Archipel’s primary school in Léry, near Châteauguay. CAQ Since coming to power in 2018.

This is an excellent opportunity for the Prime Minister to reiterate that education is his top priority, beyond all the debates on environment and health.

In particular, he declared that it was important to continue to build 4-year-old kindergarten classes because of the lack of recruitment. Temporarily For teachers who do not require a bachelor’s degree in education.

Mr. Legault has shown that she is determined not to back away from integrating struggling students into regular education classes, while many voices are raised to criticize doing these things.

The Prime Minister addressed the children.

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François Legault visited L’Archipel, a new school in Léry, Monterrey, on Wednesday morning.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Daniel Thomas

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was passing through Leary an hour earlier when he confirmed at a press conference that he had invited his provincial counterparts to Ottawa on February 7. Meeting on increase in federal health transfersThis, according to our information, leads to 10 year contract.

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Asked about the matter, Mr. Legault insisted that it was a Work sessionAssuring in one breath that no agreement will be declared on that day. There is no question of signing the 7thHe promised.

The texts under discussion will provide for two separate budgets, Mr. Legault explained: The first would be devoted to priorities jointly identified by the two levels of government, while the second would be left. At the discretion of the provinces.

The The Globe and Mail The $70 billion envelope allocated to Ontario last week was mentioned. A portion of this amount, according to Daily, should be used to build home care and long-term care facilities to ease pressure on hospitals.

All things considered, the equivalent deal would result in a federal investment of $42 billion over 10 years in Quebec.

Patrice Roy’s full interview with Prime Minister Legault will be broadcast at the end of the day at 5pm on ICI RDI and on. News broadcast 18 M.