Lehouillier prefers the central way of the 3rd connection

Lewis Mayor Gilles Lehoulier warmly welcomes the proposal by PCQ chairman Eric Duhim to build a bridge to the east instead of a tunnel connecting the two city centers.

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Interviewed at the press conference When the leader of Quebec’s Conservative Party (PCQ) leaves The day before, Lewis’ mayor today renewed his confidence in the Legalt government, which is currently working on a newer, less expensive version of the Quebec-Lewis tunnel project, originally worth $ 6 and $ 10 billion.

“The next stage we are waiting for very patiently is to know what changes the government will make in the current plan. From there, we will position ourselves, but basically, we are already behind the government. […] We hope the government’s plan is very good, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

The road connecting the two city centers will be upgraded to improve public transport service.

“The public transport component is important. Basically, in addition to car lanes, the government provides us with a real metro between the two shores (the project offers electric buses in subway circulation, note). Unless Downtown builds the first downtown link, it will not be possible to bring people on public transport, ”he stressed.

Additional support

PCQ President Eric Duheim

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PCQ President Eric Duheim

Lewis Mayor Eric Duheim welcomed support for the third intershore merger, even though he did not share his views on the form in which the merger should be taken.

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“As long as this goes on, you’re going to see this kind of support for the Third Amendment in a much more serious way than one can imagine. There is very strong support. Mr. Duhaime is proposing a change … Now, we say, ‘Trust the government.’

“I am deeply confident that the government will see how to cut costs and implement the plan in the short term,” he added.

Still skeptical of the dealer

The mayor of Quebec, meanwhile, said it was not yet officially wet on the third merger plan and could not comment on its form. Bruno Markand is waiting to see the “adjustments” that will be announced later by the government before they do themselves.

However, he is already convinced that the path to the East is not the best option. “The farther you go east and the higher the highway, the harder it will be for public transport. I tend to be skeptical. ⁇

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