Maple syrup is good for health

Maple syrup is good for health

According to one study, maple syrup is beneficial for cardiometabolic health, including the heart, blood vessels, and related diseases.

It was Quebec researchers from Laval University who became interested in the benefits of maple syrup and its polyphenolic compounds, hence polyphenols, related to organic molecules with antioxidant properties.

New research shows that maple syrup may be beneficial for diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure or abnormal lipid profiles when it replaces refined sugars that are refined or decolorized.

“The primary objective of this study was to investigate the effect of replacing 5% of the total daily energy provided by added sugars in the composition of the gut microbiome of individuals with an equivalent amount of maple syrup and to examine its impact on recognized risk factors for cardiometabolic diseases”, Producers and Producers of Maple Syrup from Quebec (PPAQ) described in a press release issued Friday.

So this study recruited 42 adults whose cardiometabolic profile showed little change to participate in the study for eight weeks. Participants were able to consume daily maple syrup or a placebo portion corresponding to 5% of their daily energy intake.

Replacing refined sugar with maple syrup reduced abdominal body fat, reduced systolic blood pressure, and improved glycemic response.

The abundance of some bacteria in the gut microbiota was also reduced.

“For our maple syrup producers in Quebec, these results support discoveries made in recent years on the properties of pure maple syrup made directly from maple sap, making it an all-natural product that offers unique health benefits,” said PPAQ President Luc Goulet.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends no more than 10% of daily energy intake from added sugars.

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