Mary Craigoyer was appointed head of BAnQ

After political spokeswoman Mary Craigier Jean-Louis Roy succeeded him as president of Bibliotex, the leading institution of national culture, and archivalist nationalists du Quebec (BAnQ).

Charles-Eric Place-Pauline

Charles-Eric Place-Pauline

The Council of Ministers on Wednesday approved the appointment of a former member of the Action Democratic du Quebec (ADQ) as President and Chief Executive Officer of the State League.

“A month after the departure of Jean-Louis Roy, a new CEO has been appointed: Mary Grogoyer,” Laconic commented on Twitter, adding that the company was “dedicated to enriching the knowledge and culture of all Quebecs”.

“Working with the BAnQ team and all the players in the country of Quebec to preserve and share our culture, our knowledge and our history will be my next task,” Mary Krakower responded on social media. The challenges are numerous, but with the knowledge of the team and the ministry, ambition is possible. ”

The new employer must accelerate the digital transformation initiated by its predecessor while controlling the threat of large shortages. Former journalist and ambassador Jean-Louis Roy has been BAnQ’s chairman since 2018. He announced his resignation at the end of May. Since then, General Secretary and Director of Legal Affairs Anne Milot has accepted the interim administration.

The curriculum of 56-year-old Mary Grogoyer was selected from about twenty applications.

Culture Minister Natalie Roy responded to the announcement through her press officer Louis-Julian Dufresne. “We welcome the appointment of Mary Krakower as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Quebec of the Bibliotech and Archive Nations,” he said in a statement. Press. Under the leadership of Mary Grogoyer, we hope that BAnQ will be ready to face the many challenges that libraries and archives face in 21.e Century. ”

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Fear of biased appointment

Over the weeks, several voices have been raised to warn against a discriminatory appointment. In June, a letter was published DutyFifteen professors from the University of Montreal Library and School of Information Sciences asked the Legalt government to appoint an expert in modern libraries “up to its strategic and technical challenges” and in accordance with the recommendations of the Board of Directors.

The job posting mentions the required “specific knowledge in the field of librarianship, information science and document management”. However, it pointed out that “only a bachelorette is needed to carry out this role in the current mandate”, insulting the signatories. “Any public library in North America requires a master ‘degree in information science, but it is not required for Bibliotech and archival nationalists to manage and operate Quebec. ”

In an open letter, the Federation of Documentary Contexts ruled that “the best qualifications for this position are held by librarians and archivists.”

Entrepreneur and teacher

Mary Groguer was a member of the National Assembly for Perth from 2002 to 2003 under the banner of the ADQ. He commented on the policy Former Club, Since its inception in 2007, has been in the RTI. Since 2017, he has been co-owner and editor of the magazine First in business.

Previously, MMe Krakowir was the founder and partner of TACT Intelligence-Conceal, which specializes in communications, public affairs and government relations.

Something we might hear in animation this summer It takes a village ICI Premier, along with Vincent Gratton, manages nearly 700 employees in 12 buildings, welcoming less than 2 million visitors each year.

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MMe Grogoir is co-author of articles Hearts of Quebecs: The evolution of Quebec from 1976 to the present (University Lovell Press) and Robert Brass Raza and Us: 45 Views on Man and His Political Tradition (Editions t l home).

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