Emergency National Summit on Omicron looms

A summit between the federal government and the provinces to discuss the Omicron variant is set to take place soon. Federal government sources said it could take place from tonight.

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On his account Twitter On Tuesday afternoon, Justin Trudeau said he had spoken with John Colgan, the premier of British Columbia, and the head of the Confederation Council, which unites all provincial prime ministers.

They will specifically discuss the impact of variation on the health rules to be adopted for the holidays.

Rules for meetings vary from province to province. In Quebec, despite federal public health warnings, the maximum limit for indoor meetings is 20, which suggests restricting it to 10.

Since the Omicron variant arrived in the country in late November, federal health officials have repeatedly reiterated their concerns about the dramatic increase in COVID-19 pollution.

Canada’s Public Health Agency models predict that 12,000 daily cases a day in January will peak in the worst case scenario.

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As of Monday, Ontario already has Omicron in 21% of Covid-19 cases.

For public health, this new “worrying” variant will transform Delta “in the short term.”

In the UK, the new variant became its first victim on Monday as Prime Minister Boris Johnson sounded the alarm of the “tsunami” case caused by Omigran.

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