Meng Wanjo case | The Associate Chief Justice dismisses the new evidence

(Vancouver) A British Columbia Supreme Court judge has ruled that he will not allow the new evidence proposed in Meng Wanshou’s extradition case. The reason: they do not “explicitly” support the Hawaiian administration’s argument that the lawsuit against the United States is “extremely unreliable.”

Co-Chief Justice Heather Holmes ruled against admitting the evidence on July 9, but the reasons for her decision were not released until Wednesday.

MMe Meng wants in the United States that Huawei misled HSBC Bank about transactions with another company and put the bank at risk of violating US sanctions against Iran. She and the telecommunications company have denied the allegations.

Meng Wanshou’s legal team argued that the documents undermined the allegations of fraud against the accused, proving that the United States had misled the court in the Canadian summary of the case against him.

Mr. Documents recently obtained by the Legal Committee.Me Meng includes internal email chains and spreadsheets with HSBC under a Hong Kong court agreement.

Judge Holmes writes in his judgment that although the documents were “undoubtedly valuable to Meng Wanshou in a trial”, they were not.Me Meng, this can only be obtained through exceptions.

Mr. The documents also did not substantiate the assumptions made by the United States in summarizing the allegations against.Me Meng is unfair, he mentions.

Judge Holmes argues that the evaluation of conflicting findings is a matter for an inquiry, not a handover inquiry.

“Potential competing assumptions may or may not play a key role in the investigation, where witnesses will testify and cross-examine, and the structure of the evidence will be more comprehensive,” he wrote.

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In the context of a handover investigation, it is not possible to determine the true or most appropriate hypothesis. ”

The final two- to three-week trial in Meng Wanshou’s extradition case is set to begin on August 3.

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