September 25, 2023

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Miller Case: New $9.5 Million Case

Miller Case: New $9.5 Million Case

A new lawsuit has been filed against Robert Miller by one of his alleged victims. The request targets the Montreal billionaire, the company he founded, Future Electronics, and two men allegedly involved in a scheme to sexually exploit minors masterminded by the businessman. In total, the plaintiff is seeking $9.5 million in moral and punitive damages.

The damage suffered by the plaintiff is unimaginableAccording to his lawyer, Maryse Lapointe, I have never seen a story like this in Quebec.

For the first time, a woman is accusing Robert Miller and his associates of setting up a system A network that recruits young women for sex work Designed for clients other than Mr. Miller. It is said to have been set up by Raymond Poulet, who described himself as Mr Miller’s special adviser for many years.

Miller had some young women employed by Boulet […] He also met other wealthy and influential men who gravitated to Miller’s and Pauline’s circles, according to the lawsuit’s allegations. This process does not reveal the identity of other customers.

The victim’s story is very disturbing, especially about Raymond Poulet. The young woman, identified by the initials AB, answered an ad in 1994 or 1995 for a man who acted as a matchmaker for Robert Miller. She is younger and Very vulnerable At the time.

Miller allegedly met AB at a luxury Montreal hotel and paid her $1,000 for bathing and nude photos. She did not know his identity as he introduced himself under a pseudonym Pop, an American radio station owner. A few months later, she allegedly had another sexual relationship with him, with another young woman.

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Later, Boulet and Miller suggested employing teenage girls to feed the Bollywood exploitation network.

AP later alleged that there was She was forced to have sex with several mature men, every week, for years, all for Miller’s benefit, all paid by Future, without her knowledge.. During this period, he claims to have been drugged in a hotel and developed a sore on the soiled sheets of a bed in Raymond Poulet’s apartment, located in the La Cité complex in Montreal.

The young woman says she suffered post-traumatic stress and fell under the influence of Raymond Boulet, who had total control over her. With his partner, AB gave birth to a child in 1998. He says he has Lost the relationship completely With her child after leaving Raymond Boulet.

Contacted by InvestigationRaymond Poulet responded that the dates mentioned in the lawsuit were erroneous and the facts were incorrect.

Both Miller and his alleged victim’s attorneys

In the report Miller system Aired last February, Investigation Robert Miller was investigated by the SPVM over allegations of sexual exploitation of minors. The report also revealed that the attorney provided by Robert Miller accompanied many of the victims when they made statements to police. The police investigation was closed in 2010 with no charges laid.

For the first time, this lawyer has been named as a co-defendant in a case. Stephen Angers, a prominent criminal lawyer in Montreal. His share would have been to prevent victims from speaking to investigators about their experiences with Miller’s networkAccording to the procedure.

He introduced himself to them as their lawyer, but what did he do in his meeting with the police?Attorney Maryse Lapointe explains, He advised the girls not to give any other information to the police.

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For us, the actions of the master gophers constitute obstruction of justiceThe lawyer concludes. I don’t know for what other reasons the SPVM trial didn’t see the light of day, but it certainly didn’t help.

MeAngers did not respond to our call by the time of publication.

Surveillance and intimidation during criminal investigation

Finally, the process alleges that during the same period, the victim was forced to spy on her ex-husband, Raymond Poulet, at the request of Robert Miller. Paulette wanted to threaten her boss, who would have received an immediate visit From a man commanded by Future, who threatened to make him and the child disappear He kept with AB

Robert Miller and AB later admit that she is Observers Raymond Chicken […] In return, Miller stopped making threats to her child. For his work, AB reportedly received $2,000 a month from Terry Corcoran and Robert Stevens, owners and employees of NCIS, who were hired by Miller and Future.

She is a destitute youth who is caught up in a system of sexual exploitation and is forced to monitor the system for the benefit of her attackers.Maryse Lapointe remembers. My client continued to relive her trauma for years.

It’s also worth noting that both Robert Miller and Future Electronics are facing two lawsuits related to the pattern of sexual exploitation of minors: a class action bringing together 29 alleged victims and another individual lawsuit. In the latter case, the plaintiff is seeking $8 million in damages.

Robert Miller denies any involvement in a child exploitation network. He contests all charges. Neither he nor the other defendants have responded to an answer just filed.

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