April 14, 2024

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Vaccine Passport: Between Disappointment and Resignation

It is official: from 1There is In September, visitors must bring their vaccine passport to attend a festival or enter an acting hall, cinema or theater. This new move, in addition to what already exists, was welcomed with disappointment in the cultural community.

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“We resigned. We did not want to say that because we have always been supportive of the policy,” Martin Roy (Regiment des internationals major international), chairman and CEO of RÉMI, pointed out in a telephone interview.

Mr Roy did not hide his desire to be vaccinated with the current measures relaxed and the number of visitors increased.

“Not even that,” he laments. It is zero. We promise to review the measurements, but it will be good by mid-October. By this time the festivals were over. However, it also gives hope to the Quebec Winter Festival, Igloofest and the Montreal N Lumiere event.

Adaptation period

On the other hand, many festival organizers say they are relieved to have the right to a two-week installment to adjust the introduction of the vaccine passport. Health Minister Christian Dubey told a news conference on Tuesday that no tickets would be issued before September 15 to allow companies to comply with the new measure.

“This is a relief, because we have a lot of questions from festival goers,” McGee Montessori-Larouch agreed. “12 years and above, we are glad to know it is 13 years old [pour avoir le passeport]. We had questions about young people who had reached 12 years of age. We hope that most questions will be answered. But if we escape these 15 days of grace a little, we will not be fined. “

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In recent weeks, however, the vaccine passport announcement has reduced ticket sales for certain events, such as the Envelope Ed Crowd Festival, which takes place at the Canoe Stadium in Quebec from September 9 to 11: “We already know we will never reach our break point,” said event promoter Carl-Emmanuel Bargart. .

Even the cinemas

Some cultural sites, such as museums, libraries, and drive-ins, are protected by a vaccination passport. The cinema owners had been waiting for some time for themselves to be exempted from this action. But in the end, this is not the case.

“We have always acted efficiently and safely, so the Covit-19 case has not yet been identified in theaters in Quebec and Canada,” the co-chair of the Theater Owners’ Association recalled. Quebec, Eric Bouchard.

“We would have liked to have been exempted from the vaccine passport thanks to our proper file. But this is not the case. Rooms. “

– In collaboration with Sandra Kodin, Yves Leklerk and Rafael Gentron-Martin