April 21, 2024

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Mont-Sainte-Anne: Alex Harvey and Mario Bedard to move government

Led by former champion Alex Harvey and businessman Mario Bedard, the new coalition of citizens concerned about the future of the mountain wants to put pressure on the Quebec government to ensure the survival of Mont-Saint-Ann.

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The Avenir Mont-Saint-Anne alliance brings together political leaders, businessmen, tourism industry representatives and top athletes to prevent this “natural gem of chronic low investment” from deteriorating further.

Message to deliver

Alex Harvey, originally from Saint-Ferréol-les-Neiges, explains that “the group is expanding, especially with a voice that resonates loudly with the political class.”

In recent years, Mont-Sainte-Anne has often made headlines for the wrong reasons. According to the panel, which is releasing a public letter today, the mountain has reached a critical juncture and is in a state of disrepair.

“We have to move a gear up. Dissatisfaction has not abated yet. Many are uncertain about the start of the season. Tiles continue to pile up at the station, causing problems due to lack of maintenance,” the former world champion in cross-country skiing added.

Nothing for 20 years

No significant reinvestment has taken place by the manager since 1998 in the resort’s infrastructure and operations. The result: degraded facilities, often unreported entertainment and tourism potential, a deteriorating reputation year after year, not to mention the dangers to user safety, ”we read in their letter.

The aim now is to put pressure on the Quebec government, which, according to them, has all the levers needed to rectify the situation.

“Hurry up. We deserve better. We will do it again until our voice is heard and decisive action is taken,” they say.

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In addition to Mario Bedard and Alex Harvey, the coalition is particularly reliant on the support of bargainer Yvon Charest, Steeve Lavoie, head of the Quebec Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Olympic skier Laurence St-Germain and many other former mayors. Department.

Various investment plans have already been offered by the manager, Resorts of the Canadian Rockies (RCR).


Finally, ClubMed opened in Massif de Charlevoix and investments of millions of dollars beyond twenty minutes will not help to reduce dissatisfaction if nothing is done in Peugeot.

In Mont-Sainte-Anne, the ski season can be restarted without a gondola because the resort’s main ski lift works are not complete.

Alex Harvey concludes, “It hurts helpless users.