Montreal Escorts rejected him as a customer

The 31-year-old man who stabbed a young woman in his mile-end apartment two weeks ago has been identified as an aggressive client by Montreal sex workers.

“She was a woman who was a regular customer [sic] Two weeks before the crime, when I last saw him, he told me he was terrified, ”said Sandra Wesley, executive director of the Stella organization that protects the rights of sex workers.

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“He felt unrelated to reality and decided not to see him again,” the latter said.

And she’s not alone. According to our information, due to aggressive behavior, other street workers in the metropolis do not want to take Daniel Schloffman as a customer.

But the 25-year-old, who went to his home on the evening of November 4, was unaware.

He lives in Quebec, had some friends in the community in Montreal and hid his business as a sex worker from those around him.

That evening, investigators speculated that Daniel Schloffmann had stabbed his victim several times. According to what was observed in the scene, she tried everything to stop the attacker.

The latter took his own life after calling a relative who worked at the Fairmount Bagel Bakery in a quarry from his apartment.

The Montreal establishment has been in the Schloffman family for three generations. According to various testimonies collected, he worked more than 100 hours a week like a madman. He used drugs and sleeping pills to continue this exciting pace of life.

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The gruesome murder sent shockwaves through the teenager’s family.

“Life has no meaning, sadness, anger, sadness, injustice can not be alleviated by any word … My little sister flew too soon for her last journey”, probably. We read in a compelling message written. By sister, not wanting to testify publicly.

“He’s probably the best man I’ll ever known,” says the victim’s childhood friend.

According to Stella, until sex work is criminalized, women will be at risk while doing their job.

Last year, 22-year-old Marylène Levesque was killed by a client in a hotel room in Quebec.

“Because it is illegal for us to work, it is natural not to call the police when we are in danger and we are afraid of the consequences,” he said.Me Wesley.

According to the organization, the laws in force stimulate stigma surrounding female street workers and help ensure that men do not resort to violence.

“We are not respected, we are not seen as women who are important to life. It’s like opening the door for men and saying, ‘Hurt sex workers anyway, no one cares,'” says Sandra Wesley.

– With Laurent Lavoie, Camille Payant and Maxime Deland

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