Montreal has refused 25 small homes for homeless people provided by Mike Ward

There were two homeless people Lay dead in the cold outside In Montreal for the past few days.

In a message posted on Facebook, the Mayor of Montreal, for Valerie Plantev, said Mr. Ward noted that these shelters were heated. With human body heat You can comfortably stay there up to 30 degrees below zero.

These little houses are designed For those at high risk, those who refuse to sleep in shelters, He noted. Small houses are built and paid for. Go on, I can install them in a week.

A simple yes from you and no one else will die this winter.

A quote Mike Ward, comedian

Mr. According to Ward, he has given the city this opportunity for the second year in a row. The comedian, who was invited to mention the details of his approach, said he would not give any interview on the matter through his agent.

Called to respond, Mayor Blonde’s office sent an email Mr. to help homeless people. Greetings to Ward’s will But turned down the offer.

Establishing small houses across the city is not a perfect solution to help the most vulnerable, According to the mayor’s office. A full ecosystem is needed to support homeless people. They need not only the roof over their heads, but also the labor and adaptation services.

James Hughes, Chairman and CEO Mission Old Liquor, Montreal organization providing various services to homeless people, Mr. Ward was interested in the effort. When asked to respond to this offer, Mr Hughes described it Really generous.

Montreal needs different and innovative solutions to the growing homelessness in the city.

A quote James Hughes, President and CEO of the Old Brewery Mission

La Mission Old Liquor Therefore, Mr. I am pleased to talk with Ward about the vision of his initiative, its duration, location and support services (such as maintenance, diet, psychological community intervention) to see if it fits our orientation., He added by email.

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This was stated by Mayor Valerie Plante in a reply posted on Facebook This is not a place for all types of customers, but for people [faire fonctionner] Resources for those experiencing homelessness.

He invited people who would like to lend a hand to register on the “I contribute” site.Disgusting (New window)Disgusting Of the Quebec government.

To Leader of the Opposition Araf Salem at the Montreal City Hall The fact that Mike Ward is calling the mayor for two winters shows that it is not new that he has not passed the homelessness file..

As we have been asking for many years, if the plant management had accepted its responsibilities and taken preventive action, we would not have reached this stage., He added by email.

The Canadian Environment Agency predicts that temperatures will drop to -24 degrees Celsius overnight from Saturday to Sunday.

With information from Hadi Hasin

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