Mr. Bean leads Canada

Mr. Bean leads Canada

Yes, I know, my title is redundant.

He insults Mr. Bean, whom I should never compare to Justin Trudeau.

After all, this role of chronic wrongdoer makes the whole planet laugh, while the Prime Minister of Canada makes no one laugh anymore!

But what do you want was the first topic that came to my mind…

My sincere apologies to Rowan Atkinson, the creator of Mr. Bean, who did not deserve such humiliation.

The engine derailed

Have you ever seen the famous Lucille Ball painting of a candy factory?

The actress played a worker who had to wrap small chocolates that walked on a conveyor belt in front of her.

The first 30 seconds are fine, but soon she loses her rhythm and the chocolates pile up and pile up and pile up. Not knowing what to do with mouth, hat, blouse…

Replace Lucille Ball with Justin Trudeau and you have Canada in 2023.

A derailed assembly line.

Immigration files are piling up, the health system is failing everywhere, the provinces are revolting, migrants are piling up on Wroxham Road…

Sex offenders are serving their sentences at home, airports are mismanaged, inflation is out of control, and Phoenix’s wage system continues to be a mess.

Who better to not get too annoyed with is a Chinese spy, an activist commissioner for the fight against Islamophobia… in short, chaos!

As Thomas Mulcair likes to repeat on the show I host on QUB Radio, the federal government machine is broken, broken.

When former NDP leader Pierre Poilievre used words like, ​​”Ottawa, We have a problem ! »

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Add to that enormous cost, repeated ethical violations, and Chinese government interference in our democratic process, and you have a country that is only a shadow of what it once was.

Corneo on the moon

See what happens with Bill C-13 in official languages!

Justin Trudeau can’t even control his own troops! Yesterday, Marc “The Man in the Moon” Garneau went to LCN to cry over the terrible fate of the poor Anglo-Quebecers!

Is this the one teaching in Quebec? You can even ask Stevie Wonder to teach painting!

The story of Chinese meddling in Canadian elections is one of the biggest scandals in the country’s history.

The Chinese Communist regime is said to have used all kinds of fraudulent tactics to block the conservatives’ path in 2019 and 2021.

All of this would work in Justin’s favor, as he declared in 2013 that he “has a certain level of admiration for China because their authoritarianism allows them to make a sudden economic turnaround”!

Does Justin Trudeau know what’s going on? Why is he soft on China?

If Justin survives this latest scandal, it’s clear that he was made in a lab by extraterrestrials.

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