Investigation into the murder of the Faldudo brothers | Guy Dion helped Hitman with “Automatism”

When Guy Dion was an “auto pilot”, an Italian mafia hitman helped his brothers wrap plastic in his shop. But he did not burn the bodies of the two men, the Saint-Jude firefighter swore Tuesday. “It’s not in my genes,” he defended himself.

Louis-Samuel Perron

Louis-Samuel Perron

The 50-year-old rubbed his right hand on the witness stand. “I’ll tell you about it. I’m getting a big cold Shake He confesses to the jury the insane minutes that followed the killings. In the box, his wife Marie-Josie Viav dried her tears. The accused has been revealing his facts since Monday, after three months of evidence from the Crown.

Guy Dion and Marie-Josie Vivo are accused of plotting and taking part in the June 30, 2016 murders of brothers Vincenzo and Giuseppe Falto. Garage of its large space in Saint-Jude in Montreux. With the help of his wife, he would have cleaned the place and burned the bodies of the victims.

But if he uses his chainsaw at the lucky moment, it is because he believes that the snipers are going to “try” with the intention of selling the guns he has stored in his house. Little did he know that the Faltudo brothers would be massacred, according to his version.

Guy Dione, who arrived at his garage, was shocked to find a body near his ex-nephew, a close friend of the Mafioso Salvador Scopa, nicknamed “Brad Pitt” at the inquest.

“My body was straightened, everything was compressed … a lump in my heart … I tried to understand what had happened, but I could not understand. […] But that day, I completely lost track of … there are things in my life that I don’t do. The adrenaline is on the board, ”he told the judge, searching for his words.

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It was at this point that Hitman and the Crown’s key witness repeated the word “plastic” to him “very seriously” since he had collaborated with the police to pinch the Dion-Viov couple. “He told me: Find me some plastic. From that moment on, I saw an automated process,” the accused continued.

While searching for the plastic, Guy Diane crosses the second body, but he continues on the path pushed by the “adrenaline”. Returning to the garage, he gave Brad Pitt at least one cell phone and found a small bottle showing in a bag. He is followed by his wife, Mary-Josie Viav. “She looked up [Brad Pitt] And said: “What is this?” Guy Dion recalled.

During his testimony, Guy Dion played ten times with “Auto Pilot” or “Automatism”. In fact, no one ordered him to wrap both bodies in plastic and put them in an Audi vehicle, he admitted. “I need time to stop. Let it go. I wanted the bodies, the car, the guns, everything to go. I wanted to get rid of it …”, he justified himself.

As Mary-Josie Viav begins to clean up the crime scene with bleach, Brad Pitt leaves, telling her he’s coming back in the evening. “Don’t call the police, everything will be fine,” she reassured him. Guy Dion is then in “panic”, which never happened to him as a firefighter and director of fire services. Also, a few hours later, he was engaged in putting out a fire in a neighboring town.

On the way back, at night, Mary-Josie burst into tears. She trusts him that she has promised Brad Pitt to “burn everything”. The accused realized the purpose of this assurance: they had to burn “bodies, car, gloves”, he explained.

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Although Brad Pitt does not respond to his messages, the “sir” sends him a text message on his secure device. “I understood that it was Salvador Scopa who was talking to me,” Guy Dion testified. “He sends me another message: You take care.” I caught my nerves. I was inside Crisis. I was angry. It sounds good to me [Brad Pitt] I will not come, ”he continued.

“We’re really in trouble!», Then release Guy Dion to his wife. But this firefighter has no question of burning the bodies. ” This is not my genes. It’s not me. I said no. No body will be cremated here, ”he said. “I didn’t know what to do. I was upset. I was nervous. I was scared, I was scared.”

Later, Brad Pitt asks by text to take the Audi he left at home with a certain “Guido” in Saint-Quilum. Guy Dion testifies to it: the bodies of the Faltudo brothers were still in the vehicle, including the back seat. It was at this point that he decided to leave the bodies in Guido’s vehicle.

On the way back, Guy Dione and Mary-Jose Vivo admit to “believing” that the bodies were cremated. “We’m going to live there and die with it,” Guy Diane repeated. “Everyone is determined. [Le tueur à gages], [Brad Pitt] Mr. Scoppa thinks they were burned, ”he concluded.

Most evidence of the crown relies on the testimony of Hitman, who became a Citizen Secret Police Officer (ACI). Three years after the murder, the ACI recorded several conversations without the knowledge of the accused. In this extract presented at the arbitral tribunal, Guy Dion and his wife clearly recommend cleaning the stage and burning the bodies.

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According to Guy Dion, they maintained this version because Hitman believed they had burned the bodies. “I do not want to upset or stubborn him. I do not want to end him, we do not want to show that we are a threat to him,” he justified himself. He was “afraid” to escape during the conversation.

His testimony continues Tuesday afternoon at the Coin Justice Service Center in Montreal. To him by his lawyer Me Nelly Benoit.

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