“Mr Prime Minister, you are not worth the cost”

“Mr Prime Minister, you are not worth the cost”

Pierre Poilievre, leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, sent a letter to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Sunday.

Sharing his letter on Facebook, Mr. Poilievre criticizes Prime Minister Trudeau's budget management.

“Mr. Prime Minister, you are not worth the cost,” he wrote at the beginning of his letter, then referred a second time to his opponent's “disastrous record” in terms of the economy.

“Because of your disastrous policies, housing costs have doubled since you promised to reduce them in 2015. You've doubled the rent, mortgage payments and down payment. “Your record debt and deficits have sent interest rates soaring,” the Conservative leader bluntly writes.

Mr. According to Poilivre, the current prime minister “has added more debt than all other prime ministers combined.”

“But don't you worry”

Mr. Poilievre accuses the prime minister of being responsible for rising interest rates and pushing “people to the limit” with his “punitive taxes”.

According to him, Mr. Trudeau does not listen to his fellow citizens.

“On April 1, you decided to raise your monstrous carbon tax by 23% again, without taking into account that 70% of provincial premiers and 70% of Canadians opposed the increase,” the Conservative leader writes. The Liberal leader's decision to oppose Bill C-234 was defended by “common-sense conservatives” aimed at lowering “taxes on farmers.”

Mr. Poilievre also argues that his opponent is not doing enough in the housing crisis.

“Canada is building fewer housing units today than it was in the 1970s, when the country had half the population,” he says, before continuing with a bleak forecast: “Building starts in 2025-2026 will be weaker than in 2020-2021.”

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Three requests

In the name of “common sense conservatives”, Mr. Mr. Poilivre called for “fixing the budget” and “giving Canadians the relief they desperately need.” He made three demands of Trudeau.

Reduce taxes on farmers and food by immediately passing Bill C-234 in its original form.

Build housing, not bureaucracy, by allowing cities to build 15 percent more housing each year as a condition of receiving federal infrastructure funding.

Control spending by using the dollar-for-dollar rule to reduce interest rates and inflation. For every new dollar, the government must save a dollar.

Pierre Poilievre concluded his letter with a warning to his opponent: “Common sense conservatives will agree to support the budget only if these three conditions are met.”

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