March 28, 2023

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Murder in Lac-Saint-Charles: Accused’s parents plan to prosecute Quebec City

Kim Label’s parents accused of murder in Lac-Saint-Charles two weeks ago They say this play will not be Should never have come, they are attacking the Quebec police so hard that they plan to prosecute them.

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“They did not take us seriously. This tragedy should never have happened and everything was ready to avoid it, “said Lucy Droin, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

His son, Kim Label, is thought to have survived an earlier attempt to oust him following Mr Jack’s death on April 6. However, his relatives did everything they could to ensure he was taken care of quickly before the tragedy occurred, they say.

Two days ago, two police officers from Quebec City (SPVQ) went to the home of the offender, following a call from the parents, who were worried about what action their son might take. After 20 minutes the agents will be gone.

“[On] He repeatedly insisted that they take him away and that he see a psychiatrist. They should have intervened, ”he said.Me Druin, along with her husband Daniel, could not hold back their tears.

Unbearable waiting

Within 48 hours, the parents of the 30-year-old man ordered the judge to immediately subject their son to a psychiatric examination.

The couple, with prescriptions in hand, waited more than 3 hours at the police station for officers to handle the situation, but it was in vain.

“[On] Don’t worry, they told me to go home [allaient] Take care of it, ”the mother of the accused in the case continues.

When they returned, they witnessed their son’s murderous mental illness and were forced to control him. After several calls to 911, police arrived 25 minutes later.

“It simply came to our notice then […]. [Mais] If we can help someone who is stuck in this situation, it can help ensure that there are no more victims, and that’s what we need, “said Daniel Label, condemning the slow system and hay spitting.

The case can proceed

MAnd Mark Bellemere, Kim Label’s parents’ lawyer, said the lawsuit was filed against the city of Quebec and its police force.

“Normally, a police officer would hand over the patrol and take the boy away once he had the verdict in his hands. This is an unforgivable mistake, ”the lawyer concluded.

Kim Label’s parents also used this first public outing after the tragedy to offer their condolences to the family of the victim who “died an unconscious death”.