Murder of Daniel Langlois and his accomplice: Accused seeks bail

Murder of Daniel Langlois and his accomplice: Accused seeks bail

Jonathan Lehrer, an American accused of murdering Quebec businessman Daniel Langlois and his wife Dominique Marchand on the island of Dominica last December, has requested to be released on bail.

We learned on Monday that the 57-year-old man, who has been jailed since his arrest after the incidents, made the request to the High Court on “medical grounds”.

His request will be heard on Tuesday, but the state will oppose his release on bail, according to court documents.

A former neighbor of the Quebec couple, Mr. Langlois and M. He was accused of planning the first double Marchant was found dead in a burned-out vehicle near the Coolibri Ridge Hotel complex on May 1R Last December.

Lehrer, owner of the Bois Cotlette chocolate factory, has been at odds for years over the use of the Morne Rouge public road that crosses his land to get to the hotel, which is slated to open by Quebecers in 2021.

The dispute reached the island's Supreme Court, which ruled in 2019 that the road was public and Mr. Langlois' customers can use it freely.

The American broke his silence in an interview last week Toronto Star And from this conflict between the two, his portrayal of the aggressive has been called into question.

The hearing has already been adjourned

The release comes weeks after a preliminary hearing was postponed to July 16 due to Lehrer's alleged associate Robert Snyder Jr.'s positive Covid-19 test.

One of the lawyers Mr.e Andrew Pilgrim took the opportunity to request disclosure of the matter, which the prosecution said added eight to 10 weeks to the delay.

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Their trial was originally scheduled to begin on March 24.

The announcement of the two entrepreneurs' deaths rocked the Dominican community, including the state's prime minister, Roosevelt Skerritt, who said he was “in grief and shock” after the news.

Daniel Langlois and Dominique Marchand were notably recognized for their involvement in the island's reconstruction after Hurricane Maria in 2017.

Tributes were also paid to the couple in Montreal, in the Lesser Antilles island state between Martinique and Guadeloupe.

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