Towards another dark year of drowning

With all the elements to enjoy another dark year in terms of drowning, the Quebec Rescue Association estimates it stopped its battalion on Saturday. For Awareness 15eYear.

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Since the beginning of this year, 28 provinces have been submerged, two more than last year, if we exclude the deaths of at least six French snowmobiles that sank in Lock-Saint-Jean in January.

However, the level of water levels in 2020 is particularly dangerous when a total of 95 bathers die there. 36 increase from 2019.

Again this year, many swimming pools, water sports equipment and boats have never been sold. Not to mention the inability to conduct swimming lessons due to infection and lack of longevity.

“All the elements are there. […] Unfortunately, this year’s bad record is expected to be similar, “said Renault Hawkins, chief executive of Life Saving Society.

Brigade Splash

It was in this context that young Daniel Allo, 10, a few days after his death, was found dead in a lake on the outskirts of Saint-Foy, ae Annual Splash Brigade.

Mr. Hawkins made the announcement at the Saint-Roche Marina in Quebec on Saturday morning with Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Andre LaFarrest and former Olympic diver Sylvie Bernier.

The battalion aims to sensitize swimmers, lifers, monitors and managers to good bathing practices, especially targeting day camps this summer.

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“Water brings happiness and joy. But you should never underestimate your strength and always be vigilant. We all have a responsibility when we are near water, ”he said.Me Bernier saw his nephew drown in a canoe trip in 2002.

New Terms

MMe LaFarst used the opportunity to remind people that the owners of residential swimming pools built before 2010 no longer have the rights they enjoyed in relation to the regulations. Thus, they must all conform to 1There is July 2023.

The new rules surrounding the development of residential swimming pools will also come into effect from next Thursday.

In particular, fences with chain links greater than 30 mm should be slid and no system used to climb into the swimming pool should be installed within one meter of it.

The Splash Brigade will visit about 100 water bodies, day camps and swimming pools in the summer.

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