Murder of Lucy Costongway: She would have been killed for money

The investigator appointed in the 1999 murder case of Lucy Costongue firmly believes that she always killed a single mother of a family for money.

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Lucy Costongue, 42, was stabbed to death on December 14, 1999 at her home in Saint-Fabian-de-Bonnet, near Montgomery. No one has yet been charged in this case.

On Thursday, the S தீர்க்கreté du Québec’s unresolved crime unit arrested a suspect. Two decades after the murder, Marcel Sabot, 51, was arrested at his home in Saint-Jean-Port-Jolie, Southeast-Appalachian.

Marcel Sabot was arrested Thursday in connection with the murder but has not yet been charged.

Photo by Stevens LeBlanc

Marcel Sabot was arrested Thursday in connection with the murder but has not yet been charged.

He was taken to headquarters in Quebec, where he was questioned as an “important witness.” The man, who has a well-stored criminal record, was released that evening without charge.

In the late 1990s, S வழக்கreté du Québec was the investigator for the crimes against Arold Bernadette, who handed over the case.

Ex-husband at the crossroads

At the time, Marcel Sopot’s name was already in circulation. Like the victim’s ex-husband Mark Mercier. The latter was arrested, interrogated at length and released without charge in the late 1990s. To date, he has no criminal record and has not faced any charges.

Arold Bernadette still lists him on the list of suspects today. “I firmly believe that Mark Mercier was directly or indirectly involved in the murder of his wife,” he says without hesitation. He says he only needs one “grain of salt” to support this theory in court.

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Why would Mark Mercier have ended his ex-wife’s days? “Money”, cuts to the retiree. Seven days before the murder, Lucy Costongwe officially divorced her husband over the past 20 years. Mark Mercier “lost everything”.

Madame looked after the two children and Madame kept the house until the divorce was over. He paid for everything. Madame was waiting for the car. He gave me a terrible pension, ”Mr Bernatches recalled.

In 2004, Mark Mercier sued Desjardines Securide Financier for $ 153,000 after the company refused to pay compensation on his ex-wife’s life insurance. The company stated the reason for believing the plaintiff was involved in the death.

Arold Bernadette recalled being called to testify in this case. “I showed my evidence in full to convince the executive tribunal not to provide insurance. In the end, they still decided to pay him,” he reveals.

At the same time, however, Mark Mercier learned that over time he had gathered evidence against him and had tried to corner him in recent years. In vain.

The other suspect

A third suspect, Scott Foley, was targeted by investigators. The young man committed suicide six months after the assassination of Lucy Kastongwe.

“It is rumored that he committed suicide because he could not live with his conscience,” concludes Mr Bernatches.

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