Water Crisis: Ottawa sends troops to Iqbal

The state of emergency was declared on October 12 after it was discovered that municipal waterways were polluted by hydrocarbons. Since then, city dwellers have not been able to drink tap water.

Minister Blair and Defense Minister Harjeet Sajjan confirmed the news on Twitter. According to Sajjan, the army will help to produce drinking water for the civilians.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau confirmed Ottawa’s support.

The exact order of the military has not yet been confirmed. However, Ecclesiastical Mayor Kenny Bell notes that the military is already looking for a place to set up a temporary distillery.

Computer inspection, cleaning and drainage

At a news conference Friday, municipal officials noted that hydrocarbons found in the water may be related to contaminated soil or a nearby water table.

An environmental assessment of the site and its foundation is ongoing.

The city says it has identified and isolated the faulty reservoir. It should be emptied, cleaned and inspected to see how the oil got inside.

Meanwhile, the first drainage of the aquifer system was carried out this week. Amy Elgersma, the city’s general manager, said a second oil change would take place during the inspection.

According to city mayor Kenny Bell, approximately 200,000 liters of bottled water have been transported to the Nunavut capital in recent days, of which 54,000 have been shipped from Europe.

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He added that engineers had been called in to inspect the water system.

Meanwhile, the city is urging citizens not to access the water treatment plant. Because it is an active place of work, construction and sanitation, He wrote in a Facebook post.

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