Nintendo Switch Gets Classic NES Game Honoring Satoru Iwata

Nintendo Switch Gets Classic NES Game Honoring Satoru Iwata

picture: Nintendo

Nearly six years after its launch, nintendo switch online New classic NES games continue to be added to the on-demand subscription service. Nintendo has announced that seven more games are now available to play. The Mystery Collection, which includes Mach Rider And Atlantis MysteryThis means that every first-party game released on the NES is now in the legacy library.

Here’s the full list of surprise additions.

  • urban hero
  • Golf
  • Donkey Kong Jr. Math
  • Mach Rider
  • Atlantis Mystery
  • Solar Jet Man
  • Cobra Triangle

urban hero, Golf, Mach RiderAnd Donkey Kong Jr. Math They are all manufactured and published by Nintendo. Cobra Trianglea 3D action game featuring an amazing speedboat, and Solar Jet Mana science fiction flight simulation game, which Rare worked on with composer David Wise of Donkey Kong Country Fame Score two goals in two matches. Atlantis Mystery It’s something much stranger. super mario brosThis ninja-inspired side-scroller has never been released outside of Japan and looks very intense. There are 101 areas to explore and enemies that kill you with one hit.

Among the modern additions that are easily overlooked are: Golfa seminal sports simulation game released on the NES, developed in collaboration between Nintendo and HAL Laboratory. The late Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata, was the sole programmer on the project, and the game has been used in the past as a nod to his legacy and early death at the age of 55 from cancer.

Switch hackers It was discovered in 2017.The year the Switch was released, the console had a secret copy of Golf Which will be unlocked and playable on the date of his death, July 11, if players use the Joy-Con’s motion controls to imitate Iwata. Nintendo Direct’s signature hand gestureThe hidden Easter egg was later removed in firmware update 4.0.0. Fortunately, Golf It’s back now just one week before the ninth anniversary of the long-time Nintendo developer’s death.

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