Online Questionnaire: See what financial assistance you have

PCMRE, PCDCC, Employment Insurance … Numerous options for government financial assistance – and easy to get lost in acronyms. Fortunately, the Government of Canada has created one Online tool This allows you to quickly find the right shoe for some questions. We tested.

On December 30, the federal government introduced the alpha version of Questionnaire 6 through 8 to determine which financial assistance programs you are eligible for based on your circumstances.

There are assistance programs for Canadians who have lost their jobs due to Govt-19, those who have lost a portion of their income, or those who have to take unpaid leave while incarcerated.

To test the instrument, the 24 hours To compare different options, he put himself in the shoes of three people with different economic circumstances.

If you are a part-time or full-time post-secondary student who has lost some of their income because you have reduced your working hours due to Govt-19 and are anxious to pay your rent, you are eligible for:

– Canada Containment Workers Benefit (PCTCC) – $ 300 per week (before tax);

-Employment insurance, if you lose a portion of your income irresponsibly;

Additional student financial aid for the 2021-2022 school year, up to $ 6,000 for full-time student scholarships.

Government of Canada

If you are a worker who has lost income due to compulsory detention after contracting Govt-19 disease, you are eligible for both of these options:

– Canada Disease Benefit for Economic Recovery (PCMRE), or $ 500 per week (before tax) for a maximum of 6 weeks;

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-Employment insurance, you have lost a portion of your income irresponsibly.

If you are self-employed and lost part of your contract due to the economic downturn, you are eligible for these two options:

The Canadian Workers’ Containment Benefit (PCTCC) states that “your employment or self-employment is restricted by restrictions imposed by the public health system related to COVID-19 and you may not be able to work because of these restrictions”;

-Employment insurance, you have lost a portion of your income irresponsibly.

The test performed above is based on imaginary facts and the results may vary from one situation to another. We invite you to answer questions to get a clear idea of ​​the options available to you Here.

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