Pablo Rodriguez believes that all provinces should be subjected to emergency measures

Although Prime Minister Legalt has said he does not want the emergency measures legislated, the PLC’s traditional minister and political lieutenant in Quebec believe the law should be national.

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“If the financial instrument is to work, it can be done nationally, to freeze the funds,” explains Pablo Rodriguez.

“If a province does not start, these funds can be diverted and go there and go through the banking system of that province,” he continues.

According to him, the condition of the barriers worries the entire country because truckers have gone from coast to coast in Ottawa. However, he notes that areas where intervention is not required will not be targeted by the police.

However, he said the situation in Ottawa has become one of “illegal siege and protest.”

“They’re trying to hurt Canada’s economy, so it’s very serious,” he said, adding that now is the time to act.

* Watch the full interview with Pablo Rodriguez in the video above *

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