Parents are tired of strikes in children’s homes

Parents of children in childcare centers receive the threat of a special law that would send educators back to work, but are impatient to send their children back to day care centers to continue their work.

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“I support what academics are asking. But on the other hand, it can not be eternal, ”says Alexandra Dupe-Marcel, a mother of two, one of whom attends a childcare center in Laval.

“I do not support it [la loi spéciale]. Does this apply to my business? A little anyway, ”says Christina, who goes into childcare with her younger brother. The nurse wanted to remain anonymous for fear of revenge. His testimony echoes with the testimony of many parents Newspaper Spoke.

On Wednesday, union members in Quebec’s Federation of Early Childhood Workers (FIPEQ-CSQ) voted 91% in favor of an indefinite strike order.

On the CSN side, regional unions held public meetings on Thursday to vote on the possibility of an unlimited general strike. A spokesman for the federal union, which represents 11,000 child care workers, said the results would be known Friday morning.

However, the Legault government did not want the threats to last long: the special law was already mentioned on Thursday.

“I will make every effort to listen [avec les syndicats], But it’s definitely one of the tools available, “said Sonia Lebel, president of Conseil du tresor.

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Jason Hobson and Isabel Dupuis are with their children Bo, 2 and Megan, 3, who are unable to go to daycare due to the CPE strike.

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Jason Hobson and Isabel Dupuis are with their children Bo, 2 and Megan, 3, who are unable to go to daycare due to the CPE strike.

Self-employed Isabel Dubois had to cancel all of her meetings with clients this week in order to care for her two- and three-year-old children.

“I’m trying to find a daycare [privée] Or the nanny who agrees to take my kids. I’m sure it will cost me more, but I have no choice, ”explains a resident of Candle in Outoice.

Despite the fact that he sees his patients in telemedicine, nursing coach Isabel Wylancourt has to take care of her four-year-old daughter. But, at present the alternatives are gone.

“My mother is sick, she’s often in the hospital. She can never take care of my baby because my sister has cancer. The options are starting to shore up. Every day, I say to myself: Who can keep my daughter?” She worries.

Alexandra quit her job during the last round of strikes in Dubai-Marce because her supervisor did not allow her to work with a child at home, in particular.

He later joined the family writing business Creations Logroix. “Yesterday my son came to work with me. Others in the office understand the situation, ”she said calmly.

Agencies QMI, in collaboration with Patrick Belleros, Journal de Quebec and Vincent Lorraine

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