June 1, 2023

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“Parents’ Day”: A Quebec school retreats

Elementary school teachers in Quebec who decided not to celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day with their students this year have backtracked after controversy erupted on social media.

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Considering the “diversity of their students’ families, the second-year teachers of La Chanterelle School decided to highlight “Parents’ Day” by the end of the year, a message that has spread widely in the community, can we read? Networks.

However, the spokesperson notes that after consultation with the administration, “the teachers concerned have reconsidered their decision and students will be given a craft to present to their mother or an important maternal figure on Mother’s Day.” Capital School Services Center, Marie-Claude Lavoie, in written reply.

Although Father’s Day is celebrated in June, Ms. Lavoie notes that both of these holidays are not on the school’s calendar of activities. “The need to underline this phenomenon is left to the discretion of the teachers,” he asserts.

On Tuesday, Ms. Lavoie noted that the teachers’ effort was based on “good faith” because some of the students in her classes were single or lived in foster families.

After controversy on social media, the service center admitted on Tuesday evening that the communication was “clumsy” and that it could have been “misunderstood or misinterpreted”.

Another school in the Laurentians is pulling back

Additionally, another elementary school in the Laurentians, which announced a similar decision on Wednesday, backtracked hours later.

An elementary school in the Rivière-du-Nord service center has notified parents that this year Mother’s Day and Father’s Day will be replaced by Parents’ Day.

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However, the administration reversed its decision following reactions from parents, many of whom condemned the decision.

“There was no ill intent,” said Nadine Brochu, spokeswoman for the service center.

The latter states that this was an isolated attempt and was not reported to the service center.

Minister Trainville disagreed

After responding on Twitter on Tuesday evening, Education Minister Bernard Trinville reiterated on Wednesday that his role “does not agree” with the idea of ​​replacing Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

“In some classes, you have to adapt, (…) I understand that you have to find the right balance, but the general principle is that mothers and fathers should not disappear from schools in Quebec, that is not what it is about. There will never be a question about that,” he said. said during a press scrum in the National Assembly.

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