COGIR, Continental: Denise Godrej releases list of mystery shoppers | Municipal elections in Quebec 2021

The group’s Montreal host released an almost complete list on Wednesday afternoon, with one exception: an organization that wants to remain anonymous at this time.

The company, Transcontinental, finally agreed to remove the secret agreement he signed before Denise Godrej relaunched himself into the political arena. Last March. In the evening she made the announcement.

At Denis Coderre’s request and in the public interest, TC Transcontinental rescinds its confidential agreement and confirms that it retains Denis Coder’s services for strategic consultations on the circular economy and the company’s recycling investments between July 2019. And March 2020, then between November 2020 and March 2021In a statement sent to Radio-Canada, he stated that he would not comment on the matter.

Earlier today, Denise Coderin’s team said that this mysterious shopkeeper wanted to remain anonymous, but he did not reveal his identity. It also indicated that it was prepared to report the order to Godrej and to the city’s ethics adviser. Victory for the host of the Montreal Group on Sunday.

Twice as much as the mayor’s salary

According to documents submitted by the party, Denise Coder earned $ 458,263 in 2020, more than double the mayor’s salary, which is about $ 200,000.

Of this amount, $ 93,835 comes from his federal supplementary pension – What Radio-Canada revealed on Tuesday – and $ 364,428 from dividends from its management company.

Mr. Kodare also claims to have paid $ 187,850 in provincial and federal taxes last year.

Documents state that Denise Coder traded with eight companies and organizations between 2018 and 2021.

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One of these companies is the real estate company COGIR, which is a well-established developer in Montreal, which runs from June 2019 to March 2021. Coder’s services were needed, especially to carry out international development in the United States and Europe.

Denise Coderrey has also served as a consultant to the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and Stingray, whose big boss, Eric Boyko, is actively campaigning for the return of professional baseball to the metropolis.

During his absence from City Hall, Mr. In addition to sitting on the Eurostar board of directors, Cடte d’Ivoire was also a consultant at Felix & Paul Entertainment Studio, where he represented Guys de Depot et Placement to Quebec.

An ambassador for the Jewish General Hospital Foundation, he was also a strategic adviser to Park Omega.

Four day questions

Expressing these interests, which are usually the norm for election candidates, Mr. It provoked the interest of Godrej’s protesters and journalists for several days. He initially refused to release his tax account and a list of his clients and employers.

Denise Coder said on Sunday that if she was elected, she would submit it to the city’s ethics adviser, as the law does not require her to report this information.

However, during the 2013 and 2017 election campaigns, Mr. Kodare agreed.

On Monday, the leader of the group Montreal defended himself by assuring voters he was not there. “No hiding place” in its income and contracts, Explains that it cannot disclose the identity of all its customers and the nature of its orders due to confidential agreements. Then all of these were removed.

Minutes after revealing Denis Coderre’s former clients, on the sidelines of his own press conference, his main rival, outgoing mayor Valérie Plante, lamented that the leader of the group Montreal had insisted on keeping the identity of his last client.

Transparency is not a la carte menu, he started. We are transparent or we are not. There should be transparency in all departments, especially when aspiring to be mayor. This is exactly what Montreal expects.

The head of Projet Montreal believes that the fact that Denise Coder worked for COGIR from 2019 to 2020 disqualifies him from talking about housing and density, one of the challenges of the current election campaign.

The outgoing mayor regrets that his rival’s party has not yet released the financial structure, while voters will be called to cast their ballots for a regular vote three days after the early polls close. I have never seen, She had given up.

Apparently, Transparency is not a fundamental value Finished by Denise Godrej, Mme Plante.

Project Montreal is trying to “distract voters,” Godre says

The main interested party, on the contrary, considers that all media noise surrounding its revenue and customer output is in fact an attempt to divert attention from its rivals.

Project Montreal is trying to spoil my honesty from the real issues voters are voting for: the poor state of public finances, the increasing insecurity on our streets, the congestion that affects thousands of people every day and so on., He commented in a statement.

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Denise Godrej took part in an editorial interview on a daily basis Duty He did not meet with other press representatives on Wednesday morning. His party, however, is organizing a large campaign rally in the evening at a tower in the city center.

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