April 21, 2024

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Passenger Govt Tests: Dinacore annoys cubes

After Switch Health, Ontario was subjected to a flurry of cubes in the way it carried out its mandate to administer the Govt tests for passengers entrusted to it.

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“We expect everything. But I tell you: this is great nonsense,” Normand Chattonieff said briefly yesterday, adding that his screening choices have not yet been as encouraging as they have been since his return from France two weeks ago.

Since August 9, in Quebec, the federal government has ordered Dinacare to administer the Govt checks of foreign travelers. Until then, the order was issued to Switch Health, which has been targeted by the Office of the Commissioner for Official Languages.

After being locked for eight days, Health Canada vaccinated travelers are required to self-examine the Govt from their homes. The test should be performed under the supervision of Dinacare staff who remotely support each patient through a video conferencing site.

“It’s a shame to spend your days on the phone for something important, especially when something doesn’t work,” Mr. How would you like to pass this exam if we did not even get an appointment? “

Eight-hour wait

For the past few weeks, Newspaper It has received dozens of messages from Cubs who have experienced similar asceticism.

“It took four hours to wait on the phone and two days of internet attempts to get a date,” says another who wants to keep his name. When I was finally able to get one, I was on my tenth day! It’s not serious. “

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This was the opinion of Andrea Cestaro, who returned with her eight-year-old son after a ten-day stay in San Francisco. At 10 a.m. on the agreed day, the mother is in front of the screen with her son. But there was no Dinacare employee … After wasting a day on the phone to find out what was going on, it was only eight hours later that I was able to enlist the help of a nurse to take this compulsory exam.

“My son passed the exam because I was able to make time to pass it. But what can everyone who can’t waste a day on the phone like me do? How many parents can do this? Should I worry about my son going back to school in a few days?”

She understands the frustration

Joined Newspaper, Dinacare management says it understands the frustration of travelers who have had similar experiences.

“Unexpected difficulties arose when the borders reopened, its spokesman Mark Bernhard argued. Therefore, we are adjusting our operations to ensure people are in need of our service. […] Can be obtained quickly and efficiently. “

Dinacare says it is working on hiring more workers to cope with the rising number of passengers. Encourages them to register on their website, which will allow them to set up an appointment.

By email, General Services and Procurement Canada said it was aware of the difficulties of Dinacare customers.

“We are working closely with Dynacare and the Public Health Service of Canada to rectify the situation quickly and reduce waiting time.”

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Dinacare at a glance

  • Creation: 1959
  • CEO: Vitto Ciciretto
  • Head office: Brampton, Ontario
  • Number of employees: 3000, Do not 300 In Quebec
  • Previously owned by Roche Biomedical Company Labcorp since 2002

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