April 16, 2024

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The Justin Trudeau event in Ontario was canceled for security reasons in the election of Canada 2021

So the Royal Canadian Mounted Police asked staff and reporters to board the bus again.

The event, which was scheduled to begin at 5 p.m., will be delayed by nearly two hours before a decision is made.

Ontario provincial police officers were sent to the incident, faced by the massive meeting of the demonstrators who claim slogans and contempt.

However, the number of police officers was not considered sufficient to control the crowd of children and to allow the Liberal leader to deliver his speech.

Many protesters were against the imposition of compulsory vaccination and mask-wearing and vaccination passports. Some protesters instead defended the rights of the Webbers.

Late in the afternoon, during a campaign stop in Nobleton, Mr. Trudeau was also greeted by a dozen agitating protesters, many of whom were against health measures and vaccinations.

Before the Liberal leader arrived at the scene, protesters waved signs and waited for him. Mr. As soon as Trudeau got off the bus, the screaming and noise intensified.

Late in the afternoon, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was greeted by a dozen protesters, some of whom were protesting against health measures during a stop in Nobleton, Ontario.

Photo: Canadian Press / Sean Gilpatrick

An “intensity” never seen before

Justin Trudeau still wanted to address the media in the evening, opposing calls for mutual aid and solidarity.

We all had a tough year, he said. And for those who protested, it was a difficult year for them too. I hear their anger. […] In the face of this anger, we must show compassion.

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However, the Liberal leader insisted that he had never seen “anger of such intensity” among protesters.

I have often seen angry people. But to see the level of intensity […] I was looking at these people, we all wondered what was wrong with their lives, where did this anger come from, this intensity? Because it is not common in Canada.

A quote:Justin Trudeau, President of the Liberal Party of Canada

Mr. The flaws that divide us.

The protests come after the Liberal leader promised to pay on Friday morning $ 1 billion to the provinces to help implement the vaccine passport, When the country crosses its fourth wave of COVID-19 infection.

Justin Trudeau did not fail to challenge the protesters who came to oppose the health measures and to disturb his speeches Since the beginning of the election campaign.

People are screaming from behind the fence.  An opponent hung a sheet of paper insulting Justin Trudeau.

Unruly protesters chanted slogans and insulted Justin Trudeau at a campaign event.

Photo: Canadian Press / Sean Gilpatrick

On Twitter, the Conservative Party of Canada condemned the language on Friday Obscene and serious Work through Some Protesters during the Liberal leader’s campaign events.

Many families, sometimes with small children, attend events like this, The Conservative Party, recalled that the atmosphere should be there Positive, non-political.

New Democrat leader Jagmeet Singh regrets that Justin Trudeau and his team endured the wrath of the opposition. Everyone should feel safe during the campaign, He tweeted. The New Democrats have been the target of racist comments by opponents since the start of the election tour.

During the previous 2019 federal election, protesters gave the Liberal leader a tough time. Fearing that his safety would be compromised, Mr. Trudeau had to wear Bulletproof chest At the event in Mississauga, Ontario.

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