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Monday night, we may have some surprises.

The most likely scenario is a short-term success for PLC, however it will be in the minority.

Justin Trudeau would have failed because the only goal of this election is to win this majority.

If necessary

If this happens, Canadians will not be disappointed.

In more detail, this election is a kind of referendum on the record of Justin Trudeau.

What achievements do we remember from the last six years?

Legalizing cannabis?

Explosion of public funds?

Did he succeed in making him look like something other than a child in shorts, as sometimes mentioned by an English-speaking commentator?

If Trudeau finds himself in charge of a minority government again, it will be a big hangover for him the next morning.

The rolling tension for the PLC is evident on liberal teams and on all media fringes.

Be careful though! Despite the PLC’s denials, the NDP’s performance as a loyal employee remains the key to the whole affair.

If the total number of LPC and NDP seats exceeds 170, the Liberals and the New Democrats will join hands to form a government.

On the menu: Massive encroachments on Quebec’s jurisdictions and spending as money is printed at will.

Mr. “

Mr. Trudeau thinks the same thing.

But is this a reason to vote for the Conservatives, the best place to expel the Liberals?

It is true that historically, conservatives have valued the autonomy of the provinces.

But winning an election is not about the number of votes, it is about the number of seats.

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In most of the rides in Quebec, Conservative candidates are far behind in believing that they will actually return.

Constituency members are in the best position to defeat the Liberal candidate.

Voting for the constituency is a tactical gesture to an organization trapped in Quebec and a way to say no.

Yes, because no matter what happens, Quebec is stuck in the current system.

If Quebec ministers in Ottawa had to choose between the interests of Quebec and Canada, what do you think they would do?


Franுவாois Legald believes that Quebec is a conservative government with a small number of Black members in the current system.

His position is similar to that of Renee LaVescu in 1984, when he found that Brian Mulroney’s conservatives were a “good risk” and that in the current system they were the worst option … because it was the system, the problem.

The weight of our population in Canada is declining, and with it, our political influence.

As long as we are in this system, our decline is inevitable, planned in population.

Our history is an eternal game.

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