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The block dreams of 40 more seats

Two days before the (Lewis) referendum, Yves-Franசois Blanchett, president of the constituency Quebecois, dreams of 40 more seats than he did in 2019.

Suzanne Colbron

Suzanne Colbron

“I still want it. I think it’s possible,” he told a news conference Friday in Saint-Etienne-des-Grace, on the banks of the Saint-Maurice River near Schavnigan.

However, it was a dream, he insisted. And not a goal.

“I dreamed of 40 seats. I want to get 40 seats. I have no goal, because there is no humility in saying: it’s not so much or the stomach. And in the non – humble category, I have already given.”

However, at the beginning of the campaign, Mr. Blanchett was very optimistic. In Quebec, on August 16, he announced a “40 target” during a press conference. “But I did not tell my dreams,” he added, adding that he longed for more.

Mr. Was it because Blanchett turned his dreams upside down or was it beyond tactical prudence at the end of the campaign? We can question that the last few days have been relatively favorable for him. The slipping of the debate in English by the federal leaders on September 9 put the wind in its sails.

Apparently, I think Monday evening will end with a relative smile.

Yves-François Blanchet, President of the Volume Québécois

In Trois-Rivers, Black Quebecois took the region to court on Friday, but the fight did not win.

Photo by Ryan Remirez, Canadian Press

Yves-François Blanchet Trois-Rivières, arrives Friday

Black created a surprise by winning the constituency with a slim lead over the Liberal Party and Conservative Party in this ride. Black Cubicois Luis Sarbonio received 28.5% of the vote, the liberal Valerie Renaud-Martin 26% and the former mayor of Trois-Riviers 25.2% for conservative Yves Lévesque.

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Ethicist Renே Willemure, less well known than his opponents, is trying to get behind him.

In spite of everything, m. Blanchett believes his party has a chance to win. “I think it’s good what everyone is saying: Think right in Mauritius, we think we can offer you something interesting,” he said. We have the impression that the call is being heard. ”

10,000 km by the trainer

Since the beginning of the campaign, Mr Blanchett has traveled nearly 10,000km on his bus in Quebec, which is the equivalent of a tour of the coast from all over Canada!

This last week is no exception: Trois-Riviers, Lewis and Quebec Friday, Mont-Saint-Hailer, Saint-Jerome and Montreal the previous day, Langueville, Chattanooga, Saint-Bruno-de-Monterville, Vernes on Wednesday. His days are long and his stops are frequent Press This week.

Photo by Jacques Poissonad, Canadian Press

Yves-Franசois Blanchett and his wife on Friday at the Davy Shipbuilding in Lewis, in front of the Black Quebecois bus

Mr. The last days of the Blanchett campaign did not give up his efforts, believing that he could be paid big.

Asked on Wednesday if he had high expectations for Monday’s vote, Mercier’s Mayor Liz Mike said, “Actually, it’s very vague. I have half the people saying, ‘I can not wait.'” The other half: “There are still five days. “Five days passed well, maybe one more district.”

Tight wars

Fierce struggles have been declared in many constituencies. In many cases, the Liberals have outperformed the Blacks by a very small margin of a few percentage points, such as Argentina, Chattanooga, Casps-les-L-de-la-Medellin, Quebec, Saint-Maurice and Longue-Charles-Lemoine.

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But let us not forget that the opposite is possible. Some block gains are fragile, such as those obtained after a three-way fight on the Trois-Rivers or the Beaufort-Cote-de-Beaupre-dle d’Orléans-Charlevoix, or ride without the Liberals. Longway-Saint-Hubert, Therese-de-Plainville or Riviere-des-Mill-Isles. In Perth – in Maskinongo, the New Democrats went behind the Black.

In rides ruled by the Conservatives, especially in the Quebec City region and on the south coast of the national capital, block members are trying to attract the same customers, with block profits requiring a more significant trend reversal.

“We remind everyone that, without the slightest bit of futility, many do not think we can beat Peauport-Limolo, many do not think we can beat Peauport-Cote-de-Beaupre-dle d’Orléans -Charlevoix, that we can beat Lock-Saint-Gene Many do not think so, “said Lewis, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

“We beat them. I took the idea that we could create surprises.”

Fearing a low turnout, the constituency leader stressed the importance of re-voting.

I like to post only the small austerities marked “Vote Monday”, “Vote Monday”, because the biggest danger to democracy in general is that people are going to say: “This is too complicated, Kudong”, who will stay home and much more. Sorry. “

“I tell everyone,” he added. You go green, NDP, liberal, vote. ”

What did he say

On sovereignty

“I think it’s clear that Quebecs may like this before rocking a corridor when I retire. Probably even a long time ago. But I think there is a need to restructure how the National Assembly of Quebec is now organized. We are ready to contribute. ”

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On compulsory vaccination

“If there is one department where compulsory vaccination is appropriate and legal, it is the health department.”

Sur Muskrat Falls

“The federal government has not invested a single penny in the development of Hydro-Quebec, and Cubeschers should never have used the money to create a competitor in Newfoundland. ”

On the Davey site

“Quebec pays for these ships. Quebec wants its share in the construction of these ships. The whole of Canada will also benefit from Quebec’s expertise, Quebec’s respect for timelines, Quebec’s respect for budgets and the quality and innovation when they are manufactured in Quebec.”